Amanda Knox Signs $4 Million Book Deal

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Amanda Knox, the American college student who spent nearly four years in an Italian jail for murder, only to have her conviction overturned, is read to tell her story.

And be paid handsomely for it.

The international drama that unfolded on TV and in newspapers is now about to be told from the inside, in a subjective and profitable account, by Amanda Knox herself.

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Knox, who was freed last fall after her conviction in the murder of Meredith Kercher was thrown out, has sold her book to HarperCollins for what is said to be $4 million.

"It is a story everyone else seems to have told except for the person at the center of it all," Jonathan Burnham, the publisher of HarperCollins, told The N.Y. Times.

"There has been plenty of rumor and conjecture about her, the role she played in events, and speculation about what happened. This book will tell the full story from her point of view for the very first time, and it will be told in her own words."

Amanda Knox, 24, kept prison diaries, the newspaper reports.

In addition, her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, who was also cleared in the killing of Meredith Kercher, is said to be preparing to sell his own memoir.

Are you interested to hear what Knox's book has to say?

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Fair point Kathy. I agree that money drives people to do irrational things, however I do want to hear her side of the story. As for the comment on Amanda looking like she is hiding something in all of her pictures; I think that this entire experience has impacted her entire life tremendously. If you put yourself in her situation you may find yourself living in fear, as she did for the last 4 years. She is constantly being watched and critiqued by the public. I know if that were me my pictures would not look like glamour shots either.


I don't know many of the details of this case, but there is something in her eyes that looks "sheepish" or "guilty". If she is absolutely 100 percent innocent, then I apologize. It's just that every photo I see of her, she looks like she is hiding something....a BIG something.


I did say alleged murderer. What makes me sick is the fact that the ppl in this world only want about the bad things that go on in this world. That seems to be what sucks ppl in, then gives the weirdo's in the world ideas to make headlines, write books and make money. My point that I was trying to make was the fact that the Publisher's don't care if someone is guilty or innocent, they just want to make money. That is very sad to me!!!


im curious to know how her time in prison was. Poor child.


It is an unfortunate story. However the world has not heard Amanda's side of it, and I for one am interested to read it. As for categorizing her with Casey Anthony and Charles Manson I think that is uncalled for and wrongly put. If you followed the trial you would have your facts straight and realize she is innocent. Let her tell her story


May as well sign Casey Anthony too. This is makes me sick!!!! I hope ppl have enough since to not purchase a book, that an alleged murderer profits from. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD! I hope that the publisher and all involved with this deal, do not make any money on the death of the girl murdered.
I am sure this publisher tried to get with Charles Manson and The BTK KILLER too. OMG! What ppl will do for money.