Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito: It's Over!

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Despite having their murder convictions overturned and their freedom restored, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito say their relationship can never be repaired.

"It's all over between us," an emotional Sollecito said during an interview, according to the Daily Mail. "I still have a great affection towards her but nothing else."

According to Raffaele Sollecito, their romance in Perugia, Italy, abruptly ended when they were convicted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007.

That will typically do it.

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The pair subsequently spent four years in prison before the guilty verdicts were overturned last month. Don't hold your breath for a reconciliation, though.

"Our love was like a seed that was not allowed to grow because it was brutally stamped on," Sollecito said. "We were both victims of a cruel injustice."

"Our relationship was overcome by this tragedy."

Amid reports that Knox, 24, has a new boyfriend, Sollecito also said he has thus far declined an offer from Knox's family to stay with them in Seattle.

"I just want to build up my life as it was before and it will have to be piece by piece," he said. "She has suffered like me and now I just want her to be happiest woman in the world. Our lives are linked by circumstances but are very different."


Italian cops are the most cruel people in the world???? Seriously??? What about corrupt politicians and dictators???? Sometimes you can't prove somebody is guilty, because there is no clear evidence, but it doesn't mean they didn't do anything.... It's just a matter of how you analize the case.


MIKE ...... She never lied ... italian cops are the most cruel people on the world,they made her lie , the confused her like no other she was in italy her italian was not that good just like italian they english suck.... or even every postecuture i mean come on she did not have any evidance againts her, she is innocent just like rafael is, she is inocent no matter what because guess what they got no evidance , she did not have fingerprints on anything or i am very glad she is back home with her family and leaving her life as she should be...

Kellie m

@mike morrow have you looked at all of the evidence...or the lack thereof??? she wasn't at the crime scene when the murder took how could she have done it? my heart goes out to the family of meredith kercher but also to amanda knox and raffaele sollecito for serving 4 years in prison for nothing.


everyone has bought into all of amanda's lies except for the prosecutor. What happened to circumstantial evidence, you are all dismissing an important part of the trial. She lied, lied lied. She is guilty, guilty guilty.


Amanda Knox is a Plain Jane if there ever was one. The beautiful girl was the one who was murdered --- Meredith Kercher. SHE was the one with the looks, the brains, the charisma, and popularity. What a tragedy.


at first i thought she was guilty of this heinous crime the media calling her foxy noxy but when i took a good look at evidence i realized she had nothing to with this vicious act. The real murderer is behind bars where this coward deserves to be. Ms kercher was a beautiful young lady my heart goes out to her family.


Americans love murder. Especially when its foreign people they kill. Pure evil.


So she's single now?? Yeasssssssssssss


It was for the best they broke it off.


Actually Their love was mean to be prison-love of four years.

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