Adele Gets Cut Off at Brit Awards, Flips Off Producers on Stage

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Who knew M.I.A. had anything in common with Adele?

After being honored with Best Album at the Brit Awards tonight on London, this beloved superstar barely started her acceptance speech when host James Cordon interrupted her to introduce 90s British pop band Blur. The crowd booed, and Adele did this:

"I flung the middle finger," she later told the BBC. "That was for the suits at the Brit Awards, not my fans. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but the suits offended me."

Adele spent most of the night cuddling up to boyfriend Simon Konecki, with the exception of her other time on stage, when she belted out a rendition of "Rolling in the Deep." Watch it below.

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I believe sooemne will see this.I'm a rapper who doesn't cuss, a rapper who raps about love, a rapper who raps about the struggles and battles we face in life, a positive rapper.I know we all have dreams and my dream can come true with your help by going on my channel that's all it takes If you think you can help a little dreamer, the thumbs up' button would make everyone notice my message!Thank you so much, it really means the world!


Adele. Adele.
That was not very nice,
You've just won 6 grammys and now must pay the price,
Your life is not your own now, the media and fans decide who you are,
When you flip those little birdies, they now go very, very far.
Everything you say and everything you do, will now be scrutinized until you turn blue or you find someone like you.


I am proud that Adele has made it this far she has had a successful career and has something going for her. She has won six grammys. Thats great but can you please show a little more courtisy. Whatever celebrities do never goes unnoticed. That is the one thing I would never do.


So what if she flung the finger? She isn't the only one doing that. And the only rude people here are the suits who cut her off during an emotional acceptance speech. It was a speech! Hello? It's becoming Kanye all over again. So she wants to thank us her fans, then you start calling her overrated? So she flung the finger 'cause she was cut off, then you start calling her rude and immature? What an unfair judgment! That was a prestigious awards ceremony, and to cut off an awardee during her speech is highly shameful. An awardee has a right to give his/her speech undisturbed. She just barely started hers! The industry is the one who should be labeled as rude and disgraceful not Adele who just brought more glory for the British people by winning 6 Grammys.


I thought Adele had this squeaky clean image then I read some quotes from her in various magazines. She is most definitely cheeky. The more I heard her speak the more I felt she should fire her publicist. Now flicking the bird! Adele has a beautiful voice and her lyrics touch your heart. She just needs to mature a little.


Gotta say Adele, I was liking you and your music.
I work at a high school and I try to keep up with what is current. So many of my "kids" were saying Adele this and Adele that I actually logged on and listened to your music and liked it.
And then you had to go and do the finger thing.
It's not as though you have been around for 25 years and are an established artist. You are a baby just out of the gate.
And my "kids" are looking at lucky-as-hell you flipping the world off because you decided to pitch a bratty fit.
Shame on you. And thanks for nothing.


Love you adele so much more than you know but soon people are going to not cut you slacks. First you'll spit on your dad and now you flip someone up cos you don't get more than 5mins. You are popular, you won 6 grammys, what do you need their time for?


What is with the all the drama! So her speech was cut short and she only got to say thank you 4 or 5 times poor Adele!!!!!!


Thank you Miss Adele for not bowing down to the establishment...if they chose to give you an award the at least they could have respected you by giving you a chance to express your gratitude especially at the biggest night of British entertainment.


Your talking about a company ITV who farcically went to a break during a crucial live football match and missed the only goal of the game! Our biggest export got cut off - ridiculous. Imagine the Olympics sorry Mr. Bolt just stop there we are overrunning we can't have the news on late - we've only broadcast twelve times today!! Adele rocks man