The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale: Dramatic? Or a Dud?

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The season started with a suicide and ended with a wedding.

In between, we saw just how low Taylor Armstrong would sink; watched the struggles of Kyle Richards and an eventually rehab-bound Kim; and slogged through Lisa Vanderpump planning her daughter's big day, which came to fruition last night.

Pandora Gets Married!

But was this is a worthwhile payoff? Did anyone really care about Pandora's wedding, especially when it shoved Kim and Taylor so far off to the sideline?

Yes, the finale concluded with the women at Kyle's house, sort of talking about Russell Armstrong's passing, but even then Pandora's wedding remained a topic of conversation. Was the episode a letdown?

What did you think of this conclusion to season two?


, you’ve been gcarious in your post. I’ve been upset at the hateful comments I’ve seen towards Taylor. People act as though this season is actually happening after Russell killed himself – she had NO idea what he was going to do. I hope people will remember, she is a victim & now, a widow. (yes, I know they were getting divorced)Thanks for letting me ramble


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