Friend on Kim Richards' Rehab Stint: It's Serious

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Kim Richards has entered a treatment center and a friend makes it clear to People: the reality star needs a lot of help.

Describing Kim's behavior leading up to the stint as "erratic," this sources tells the magazine:

"Kim has been to rehab more than once before, but every time is a new time, and everyone just hopes this sticks and that she gets the help she needs. It's serious."

Kim Richards on TV

Among the myriad of problems facing Paris Hilton's aunt? Despite what you saw on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim is NOT residing with her boyfriend, Ken.

"She's basically homeless, staying with various friends," this insider says. "She doesn't have a home base. It's not unusual for people to not hear from her for long stretches of time. It's been that way for years... She has lots of issues. She needs help."


Kim is a rude nasty and insecure person, sure we all have problems and some of us have REAL problems which leave us being nice to most people and treating everyone as we would ourselves but her behaviour in dealing with people is appalling especially being so nasty to brandi. Kim should be taken of the show. When she comes on I fast forward to get rid of her. That woman has absolutely nothing to give anyone.


Kim Richards has many problems and one of them is she must have a mental disorder not just drug abuse. She is rude on the show and am sure she is rude in her daily life. I understand why her marriages did not last....


"Friends" don't blab about things like this. This info is personal and should stay that way. She's in a tough battle, trying to get healthy. This is not helpful to her at all.