Teen Mom 2 Recap: Holiday Joy!

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Teen Mom 2 treated us to a holiday-themed episode Tuesday night. Were the kids - and their parents who are basically still kids themselves - naughty or nice?

Besides Jenelle, we mean?

For the most part, things were good. Very drama-free in certain moms' cases, less so in others. You know how they do. Let's break it down in THG's +/- recap!

Jenelle on the Phone

No yuletide joy for Kieffer Delp, who's sitting in jail. Plus 8.

SIDE NOTE: Amber Portwood? Also in jail over Christmas.

Jenelle seems to think he belongs there, which is encouraging, but quickly pivots and picks a fight with her mom. It had been like 20 minutes, might as well. Minus 7.

No one over the age of 21 will bail Kieffer out. Plus 9.

Barbara's accent, whatever it is, is beyond painful. Minus 3.

Poor Jace. Minus 7.

Barbara's boyfriend Mike to Jenelle, "You had millions of friends floating around. Now you got one guy and you're done." Millions? Slight exaggeration there Mike. But she does have 192,963 Twitter fans, which is a lot, and his point is still taken, so Plus 2.

You be good to her, Gary Head. Plus 4 out of hope.

Kailyn's "old friend" comes over to bake cookies and feed her questions and engage in totally unscripted dialogue. Tough week for the writers, apparently. Minus 6.

Nothing will compare to Cate and Tyler on Teen Mom, though. Minus 1.

"At the end of the day I'm by myself," she says, in reference to Isaac spending Christmas Eve with baby daddy Jo Rivera. Eh, enjoy a break. You earned it. Plus 8.

Besides, she's not even alone. She celebrates with her boyfriend Jordan, who sweetly tells her, "You're like a gift, to me." He's loving that IUD right now! Plus 10.

When Kailyn picks up Isaac the next day, she seeks to make peace with Jo's mom Janet, sort of apologizing in a Christmas card. A nice holiday gesture. Plus 4.

That Issac is just the cutest. Plus 5.

Corey Simms and Leah Messer Pic

Corey dons a Santa suit for Ali and Aleeah, who enjoy their first birthdays and Christmases! They seem a little overwhelmed, but it's the thought that counts. Plus 3.

Leah dropping $500 on their party seems a bit over the top, although when you contrast it with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's thrifty. So ... Wash.

But, as always, we are watching this from the future - this is Christmas 2010 on MTV here - and it's hard not to be sad knowing this family falls apart. Minus 12.

"It makes me feel like we actually made it. They have their mommy and daddy and it's not split. We're not having two separate parties." - Leah. See previous score.

Meanwhile, out in South Dakota, Adam gets, like, a real job (something with generators). Whatever it is, he's generating health insurance for Aubree! Plus 10.

Moreover, child support is automatically deducted from his paycheck, and he even cut down the fam's first Christmas tree. Seriously, where did Adam go? Plus 9.

Randy, Chels' dad: "He's not really held a job yet. You don't stick with somebody because you want it to work, you stick with it because it is working." Plus 11.

"Since my parents are divorced I have to celebrate Christmas twice," Chelsea whines, in a really bad attempt at guilt tripping. Minus 6.

Minus 4 more because we refuse to believe Adam Lind is "fixed" so quickly. Guys like that are one bad mood away from reclaiming douche status.



Teen mom2
What I think of the teen moms if anyone cares! Chelsea love you girl, ur super hot! But pls stop obsessing over Adam he is such a loser! He needs to wake up and smell the baby diapers and realize he is a father !
Leah u are also so beautiful, cory is a sweet guy, but if he won't forgive you for cheating fuck him. Move on with ur beautiful daughters !
Kailyn love your name :) n ur lil man he is soo cute! U r my fav, ur in school, workin, u take care of ur baby, n u live a alone! High5 girl! Keep it up and pls stay with Jo he is such good father and I know u guys r good together ! :)
Jenelle you need to open ur eyes and learn to be a mom, u have it in u to be a good mom! Ur mom is awesome and u shouldn't be a bitch to her! Oh what would u do if ur mom wasnt around ? Just like u aren't in ur sons! Ur son is Gunna grow up hating u if u don't change ur life style , just saying! K thanks peace


Jenelle leave kiffr alone he is not better than jas , stay with your mom nd jas kiffr is wasting your time


Chelsea way way hot... Wau better for the idiot.. she's a hottie


When will chelsea get her head out of her b u t t, she is so naive and just stupid. Its been 2 yrs now and she is no closer to wising up. Adam is king supremo of the douchebag.

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