Sarah Palin to Newsweek: YOU'RE Dumb!

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Many conservatives are furious over Newsweek's controversy-bait cover story by Andrew Sullivan, whose headline asks, "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?"

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    I was thinking about Sarah Palin's "pallin around with terrorists" comment she used to describe President Obama. If someone eliminated me and all of my friends, I would hardly consider them a pal. Maybe Sarah is the dummy.


    Trooth hurts!


    Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin is right. Newsweek is a dumb magazine. Nobody had ever heard of Andrea Sullivan before she started the "Trig-truther" scam. Sarah walks tall, stands proud, speaks truth.


    RON PAUL 2012!!!!


    Sarah really should jump ship. She needs to be Liberal or Democrat! They could use more useless people.


    Sarah is an imbecile! She lives in an imaginary world, in her mind she is a prominent figure and voice in politics. While in the real world she was a good laugh but only achieved prominence in the tabloids!!

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