Newt Gingrich Hammers "Timid" Mitt Romney in New Ad

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That sums up Mitt Romney in one word, according to Newt Gingrich, who touts himself as a bold, conservative leader for America's future in this new ad spot.

Coming out hard after Romney derailed him in Iowa, where he once held a sizable edge, Newt calls Mitt's economic plan "timid" and "virtually identical to Obama's."

Gingrich, despite a disappointing fourth-place finish in the first Republican caucus of the primary season, is showing no signs he'll drop out, at least for now.

"Timid won't create jobs, and timid certainly won't defeat Barack Obama," the narrator says, quickly delivering on Gingrich's promise to draw a sharp contrast.

"Newt Gingrich's bold leadership balanced the budget, reformed welfare and helped create millions of new jobs. The Gingrich jobs plan is a powerful plan to grow our economy and create jobs, rebuilding the America we love with bold conservative leadership."

You buying it?

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I live in Ron Paul's Hometown! Everyday people say-He's a Great Guy& He is- He's Deliever many children here. . Every other Day people say-WTF did he just say! Ron Paul is on his SoapBox and believes what he is saying. This is Ron's last go around and he wants to be heard. Nobody believes he will get the Bid. Everybody knows he won't run as a 3rd Party. Paul like everyone else here wants Obama Out to Bad. Our question is- Will America be ASLEEP at the Wheel again? Will they tell themselves Obama is not that bad? Will they have the Balls to Vote out the 1st Black President? Those are the Real Questions!


I honestly think the only person that would balance the budget is Ron Paul.