Lea Michele for Candie's: Cute!

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First, Britney Spears. Then, Vanessa Hudgens. Now, Lea Michele.

The Glee star just is the latest in a long, cute line of female stars to appear in a Candie's campaign, as examples from her photo shoot - on behalf of the clothing brand, which is featured exclusively at Kohl's - went viral this week.

Lea Michele Candie's Campaign
Lea Michele for Candie's

"Britney Spears is definitely my favorite past Candie's girl," Michele says.

"Her campaign that she shot was gorgeous and she's just such an icon, so when you pair her with the iconic brand of Candie's, it was just, like, amazing."

"It's just really important, I think, for fashion to be affordable because everyone should have the opportunity to wear cute things and be happy and comfortable in what they're wearing. That's definitely how I like to shop and how I like to think about clothes and fashion."

And this is definitely how we like to see the actress. Hot stuff!


Hi my name is quadasha aka imani woods and i heard about the joe stutter i mean stunter video i said wow what happened wasnt she wifey n all anyhow i feel joe shouldve had told hshanelle he wanted her az a jumpoff and she wasnt wifey to be his i feel if joe wanted her dnt u think he wouldve called her by now and say uh what anyhow how do u solve gurl problems sounds like 99 problems to me :( but anyhow i say if he loves her wheres da proof .lol :( anyways didnt she say she belives in her spanish heritage?!


Hi my name is quadasha aka imani woods and when i heard about the joe stutter video i said wow i assumed she was wifey though! anyhow anyways i feel az though joe wasnt on top of his game cause he said shanelle was main n then his x mya was a :O i kw shanelle nt a model bartender or uh:( so what happen wasnt she in bible studies lol :) but anyways wow then i heard they was engaged n she was a jumpoff to him so he could ... for hisself!:( wow) sounds iffy wit the portrait!!! but shanelle does give birth :)?!


Hi anyhow when i heard about the whole joe stutter situation i said wow what happed?? i recall joe sayn she was wifey n then said she was a jumpoff anyhow then said he wanted her but was shared to viewers to whome and joe luvs shanelle i dnt think so!!! anyhow when i heard shanelle wasnt a model but a home maker house chick she lives a reg life and luvs lilac n daisie s anyhow joe seems a bit iffy i though mya wasnt good enough even though it aint 50 u could blaim or cristian church luv n sweet:(!!??!!! ok


Hi my name is destiny aka imani woods and im here to say i feel az though when i heard ab out the shanelle incident wit the joe stunter uh i mean joe stutter video and i heard that joe wanted to be wit shanelle but he wasnt ready n was still seein :O anyhow shanelle at the time was single and he told her he wanted to get engaged to her so anyhow then anyhow i saw the portrait and joe rann n said shanelle was a jumpoff for him n da team then he said he wanted to take care of her n wnted her as wifey!!!:O hmm


"HONK" "HONK" make way for Lea's Honker ! :-P

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