Lea Michele for Candie's: Cute!

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First, Britney Spears. Then, Vanessa Hudgens. Now, Lea Michele.

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    Hi my name is quadasha aka imani woods and i heard about the joe stutter i mean stunter video i said wow what happened wasnt she wifey n all anyhow i feel joe shouldve had told hshanelle he wanted her az a jumpoff and she wasnt wifey to be his i feel if joe wanted her dnt u think he wouldve called her by now and say uh what anyhow how do u solve gurl problems sounds like 99 problems to me :( but anyhow i say if he loves her wheres da proof .lol :( anyways didnt she say she belives in her spanish heritage?!


    Hi my name is quadasha aka imani woods and when i heard about the joe stutter video i said wow i assumed she was wifey though! anyhow anyways i feel az though joe wasnt on top of his game cause he said shanelle was main n then his x mya was a :O i kw shanelle nt a model bartender or uh:( so what happen wasnt she in bible studies lol :) but anyways wow then i heard they was engaged n she was a jumpoff to him so he could ... for hisself!:( wow) sounds iffy wit the portrait!!! but shanelle does give birth :)?!


    Hi anyhow when i heard about the whole joe stutter situation i said wow what happed?? i recall joe sayn she was wifey n then said she was a jumpoff anyhow then said he wanted her but was shared to viewers to whome and joe luvs shanelle i dnt think so!!! anyhow when i heard shanelle wasnt a model but a home maker house chick she lives a reg life and luvs lilac n daisie s anyhow joe seems a bit iffy i though mya wasnt good enough even though it aint 50 u could blaim or cristian church luv n sweet:(!!??!!! ok


    Hi my name is destiny aka imani woods and im here to say i feel az though when i heard ab out the shanelle incident wit the joe stunter uh i mean joe stutter video and i heard that joe wanted to be wit shanelle but he wasnt ready n was still seein :O anyhow shanelle at the time was single and he told her he wanted to get engaged to her so anyhow then anyhow i saw the portrait and joe rann n said shanelle was a jumpoff for him n da team then he said he wanted to take care of her n wnted her as wifey!!!:O hmm


    "HONK" "HONK" make way for Lea's Honker ! :-P

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