Kyle Richards on Infidelity: Don't Tell!

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In her new, humbly-titled biography - "Life is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With the Housewife Who Does It All" - Kyle Richards offers some scandalous advice.

Simply put, she tells husbands and wives: "If you cheat once, don't tell. You get a free pass."

Kyle Richards Memoir

"I've seen circumstances with people that I know are in love with their spouse and they made one mistake and I said - this is somebody that I know, nobody that anybody knows here, 'Listen, if this really was a one time mistake, and you did not put this person in jeopardy,' I personally think you should deal with it with yourself and with God and not go and say: 'Honey look what I did,' because I knew that this would ruin their relationship and their life.

"And I can tell you that many, many, many years later they're happy and together and she did make that mistake and she has to carry that and live with that."

Do you agree with Kyle's advice, readers? Should one-time cheaters come clean?


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Sounds as if she is creating a buffer for herself for when someone comes out and says "I had an affair with Kyle" or her husband. Or both. They are probably both having affairs. Way to keep it real, Kyle. What a joke this woman is! A true legend in her own mind. Puke.