Kristin Cavallari Pregnancy: Not Planned!

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If you were surprised to hear that Kristin Cavallari is pregnant with Jay Cutler's baby, after they got re-engaged only recently, you certainly weren't alone.

The couple themselves were shocked by the news.

Jay and Kristin announced Sunday they are expecting, following a crazy few months where they got engaged, broke off their engagement, then reconciled.

Sources close to the couple say they'd discussed the possibility of kids, but planned on waiting at least a few years - she's 25, he's 28 - to start a family.

Things happen.

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler

Shocking as it was, sources say they're thrilled with the joyous accident, renewing their commitment more than ever to making their relationship work.

In a sense, their breakup and reconciliation, after a few months spent apart, shows they probably are better equipped to handle such a life change.

Here's hoping, anyway, and congratulations again!

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This is a Kevin Hauser baby her ex boyfriend . Brody Jenner and Kevin Hauser are best friends but someone needs the test to see who the real father is .


I'm sorry, but for a woman getting pregnant is almost never an accident. It can happen of course that you haven't taken your pill everyday, but in that case you always know there is a risk. If she got pregnant, it's either that she wanted to get pregnant, or she was really drunk when she had sex!


Who cares if it was an accident or not(and who cares if the article states that, they are just repeating what K-Cav has said). Bottom line is that Kristin really likes this guy, and wanted to give him a reason to stay with her. Best of luck to them both!


Kind of shocking but what really bothers me is the fact that this articles repetedly refers to A baby as an "accident". Rude!


If they weren't using birth control, it was planned. Too bad science worked all those years to come up with reliable contraception methods only to have people ignore them.


Wow, I only read this to see why it's anyone's business if it were planned or not. Who cares?

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