Kris Humphries Injures Shoulder, Prognosis Troubling

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Here's some good news for Kris Humphries: the reality star/power forward won't be getting booed in Boston tomorrow night.

The bruising Nets starter sat out yesterday's game against the Nets due to a sore shoulder, and coach Avery Johnson says an MRI is scheduled for Kim Kardashian's ex, who won't even accompany the team to Beantown this week.

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"Hopefully we'll get some good news," Johnson said. "It's not looking good right now because he barely can move his shoulder, so again we'll have to hope and pray it's nothing serious."

Following a season-opening victory, New Jersey has dropped five straight. Humphries is averaging 12.4 points an 10 rebounds per game in the early going, hearing boos everywhere he goes on the road.

Things aren't much better in Kris' personal life, as E! aired the Kourtney and Kim Take New York episode this week in which Humphries gets into trouble by questioning Jonathan Cheban's sexual orientation.


I like Kris H but he was like a dog with a bone. He just kept asking Jonathan and everyone in earshot about Jonathan's sexuality. He would not let it go! Kim was no angel either. Just because a guy (Jonathan) doesn't look at a girl (Kim) undressing, does not make him gay. To each his own.....


To CDelgado....ummmm these so called women Kim and Kourtney are disrespectful, crass bitches who deserve everything they get. Look at how they treat each other especially their own mother, if anything you should be mad at that. I would never speak to my mother the way these dumb asses do. Kris Humphries unfortunately got involved with this family and is lucky to have gotten out of it as quickly as he could or he would have ended up like Bruce and Scott browbeaten and pushed around! Again these so called women are not REAL WOMEN! Also, making the comment about someone "riding the short bus" makes you just as disrespectful and ignorant as those dumb ass Kardashians that you are siding with! FAIL for you!!!!


And with the kardashians, everything has been handed to them so its hard to sit and watch ppl bitch that nvr worked for shit in there lives so I'd prob hoe her family to.


@ C Yea I guess its ez to sit there n hate, idk how u can say someone rode the short bus when the dude went to college and he's in the nba makin more ina year then u will in ur lifetime.and the kardashians are nothin but abunch os idiots and gold diggers from the ma on down, they only thing that makes them $$$ is there last name and the fact there willing to hoe themselves to the media and they learned that from paris hilton so that they didn't even come up with idea themselves. So humphries graduated hs went to college and plays in the NBA maybe ppl should listen to him instead of hatin him cuz he's done a lot at an early age on his own! So maybe ur the one that rode the short bus


Lmao...this is a goofy looking dude..I bet he rode the short bus to school. And his mouth is wreckless! This things he was saying to Jonathan Cheban was ignorant. And the shit he says to Kim about her family is pure disrespect an she sits there just not saying anything to a idiot! His ass would've gotten the business from me for speaking on my family. I don't know if its ignorance or arrogance half the time with this toddler but u can most definitely see on Kim & Kourtney take New York why this went south

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