Klaim: Kim Kardashian Rejekted by Tim Tebow!

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According to a new report, Tim Tebow recently used his stiff arm for something other than a quarterback keeper.

The latest issue of The National Enquirer quotes an insider who claims Kim Kardashian has a "big crush on Tim,” finding him both "handsome" and to be someone that possesses "really strong values."

Kim Kardashian for Haiti
Tim Tebow at the ESPYs

Moreover, the reality star's PR team is aware “Kim needs to rehab her image" and "dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”

So, when will see these two out on the town? When should we start considering a nickname of Tardashian or Kebow for the couple? A quarter to never, according to another source.

“Although flattered, he’s not interested,” this mole says, citing the fact that Kim has had sex on camera more often than Tim has sex in his life as an example of the twosome's contrasting values.

Tebow, whose Broncos were eliminated by the Patriots in the second round of the NFL playoffs, has also been linked with Lindsey Vonn.


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
Watch it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (full version)

Klaim: Kim Kardashian Rejekted by Tim Tebow!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))


I truly believe that Tim made the best decision in his life, both professionally and personally. I believe in his beliefs and think he is a man of his words and one with morals and self-respect. For Kim to actually think they she could "play" with another mans heart at her disposal is not only idiotic on her end, but more importantly disgraceful. Disgraceful to Tim, to think they he would be interested in her for over-obsessed image of herself. She is cold-hearted, hateful and a disgrace to all women. There's more to a person that looks and money AND yes, you can be happy living a mediocre life Kim. Money will never buy you happiness or love; figures why you just can't get it right and single. No one wants to deal with a shallow person who is known for quite frankly...NOTHING! Theres more to life than sexual intercourse & dirty deeds, all of which Kim is known for and has given her nothing but a bad reputation and lifetime of embarasent.


i hate kim but Tim probably couldnt handle it lol


As I have always said, no REAL MAN is going to have anything to do with a female like Kim. Only these SAPSUCKERS like Humphries and Reggie Bush deal with females like Kim. Good for you Tebow, hold out for a REAL WOMAN and not a girl who will sell her soul for a dollar.


Thought kim was an epitome of womanhood not knowing she's really a disgrace.she sholud stop chasin men around cos of money




Learn to spell you idiot.


Good for Tim. Glad he's not the only one who thinks Kim k. Has no brains, talent, or class. She's damn lucky she's pretty because thats the only thing she does have going for her. What would they even talk about?


Tebow is the man!


No sillies...she thought the crowd was chanting T-Bone and she was curious to have a taste of his. Silly pervs. You know bad girls cant walk past a preacher without needing a change of undergarments. They sit in church and wonder whats under those robes. God knows that. They are called temptresses. Moui Good Job Tim. Send her to the back of the line.

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