Kim Kardashian Co-Hosts Live with Kelly, Refers to Divorce as "Bad Business Decision"

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As far as we know, every celebrity with a personality did not die in some kind of freak accident last night.

Yet despite the availability of, oh, anyone else, Kim Kardashian sat in with Kelly Ripa as a guest host this morning on the latter's talk show, at first making small talk about her skin; then trying to act like she watched last night's Giants/49ers NFC Championship Game; and, finally, of course, touching on her divorce from Kris Humphries.

Kim acknowledged it's been a "tough couple months," adding the same nonsense she's been spewing for weeks:

"Being a hopeless romantic, I wanted to believe in something so badly. If you think I really made all that money that everyone claimed we made on the wedding and that it was for TV... I'm a smart businesswoman, I would have stayed married longer... This was a bad business decision. I really didn't think following my heart would create this much backlash."

In this sense, we actually believe her. Kardashian hasn't had an original thought in about 14 years.


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Kim Kardashian Co-Hosts Live with Kelly, Refers to Divorce as "Bad Business Decision"
The vid is HQ which makes me happy


Huh? This was all planned. And a brilliant business decision. Breakup of marriage = high ratings for finale of show. Who does she think she's fooling?


Kim seems to see her mother as a divorce role model...I thought her momma was a daddy cheater. Come on Kim you know you missed the single lifestyle.


One word:


well finally kim admits this was a business decision lol now is she can only admit that she s a tramp with a single digit IQ she'd feel alot better about her trashy self


When is Kelly going to pick her partner...the show sucks now without Regis


Kim is a fake I'm sorry she was on live Tv. with Kelly! Ashame on u Kelly!


@hazel-stfu we r on this gossip site for a reason. To give our personal opinion its called freedom of speech u stupid bitch. Hows that 4 bein judgemental?


Hacked By Surabayagetarlolely


Jealousy and envy does not look good on you. Get a life.

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