Ke$ha Shaves Half of Head: Hot or Hideous?

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Ke$ha has taken a page from Ashton Kutcher. Sort of.

The same day that Two and a Half Men star debuted a cleanly shaven face, the singer took to Twitter and debuted her new hairstyle... which is missing a great deal of actual hair.

"New year. New album. New hair," Kesha Tweeted about the Cassie-like look, seen below. "Get pumped."

Ke$ha Shaved Head Photo



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All I can say is HOT!!!!!!!!


I think she rocks this look! I love her hair like this & I went through a phase where I wanted mine like this but am not brave enough and Ke$ha must be! Good for her to take such a risk! Love it!


i think the shaved look done right on the right shape face and head is freaking sexy. but i not too sure on the studs she put on after. lol atleast its only temporary :)


Hmmmm....some body is tryn to copy willow!!!


I think it looks good. My cousin did her hair like this. And she didn't look horrible nor ugly..


It looks horrible and ugly. If she likes it, fine. I'm all for that. But i think it just sucks. She looks very pretty with a full head of hair, but this just looks ridiculous.


it was really popular years back. women would shave short or bald one side of there head and flip all there hair to the other side and let it fall in curls. i dont see what the big deal is. if she likes it then good for her!


Well for one, If she likes it, who cares what people think.I mean sure it doesn't look good but it doesn't look terrible in my opinion but it does suit her personality. Here are all these vocalists who are basically(lately)saying in their songs to "not judge other people". So if you people have a problem with it, go look in a mirror or something and judge yourself.


It suits her :)


It's looks stupid as F@ck!!! I've seen girls that have that look that KNOWS how to put it off Kesha not even...