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With half of her head shaven, it's gonna be hard for Cassie to win any fashion face-off. Do you like this look?

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Angelika, thank you for hpinopg over to my blog. It's always a pleasure to see a new reader. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.


She looks beautiful and hot. People who think they're hip react so conservatively when something new is presented to them. Open your damn imaginations. Don't be cowards.


i fuckin love this look soo fuckin much that im gettin my hair done tha exact same way!! ... all them haters can kiss me & Cassie sexi azz ....
xoxo ♥
luv destiny nicole


you look ugly and u ani't got no ablby u ugly fix it up cassie!!! luv sara!


way don't u just shave the other side of ur head

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2009 BET Awards
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Cassie Ventura is a singer that was signed to Bad Boy Records in 2006. From there, she got close to the label's founder, Diddy. Really... More »
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