Katy Perry and Russell Brand: It's Over!!

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The Internet may be a "wicked little liar," to use Russell Brand's words, a great deal of the time. But apparently not in this sad case. He's divorcing Katy Perry.

Just 24 hours after Russell was spotted sans wedding ring in London, with Katy 7,000 miles away with friends in Hawaii, the actor filed the papers this afternoon.

Brand personally confirmed the news, saying in a statement: "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

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Brand cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split in the official divorce documents, filed in Los Angeles Friday. The couple married October 23, 2010.

The documents list "community property assets," which may indicate a lack of prenup, or one that does not account for all their earnings and other assets.

The news is surprising and yet not, given recent reports that the couple had been having problems and spending time apart, possibly following a massive fight.

He does not list a date the couple separated, but TMZ reports that Russell Brand may have blindsided Katy Perry by filing the divorce petition. Stay tuned.

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I think Russell Brand and Katy Perry make a great cuople and I hope they get married and have kids together! That would be so cute


@Honestly!?.....You are so right. The "we will always be friends" is the bs used by teenagers. It was said they found out they were too different from each other. Really?? They are jetsetting to different countries. Live with someone every day then you have the right to say that. Geeze!


Hi grl u have a freach career ad i know that u wouldn't let a stuped men mas u up just keep doing ad last friday night was the bomm tgif


"...I know we will remain friends." Really geeze call in the "but we can still be friends" bull. That is what you pull out when you dump a boyfriend/girlfriend that you only dated 2 weeks. This just shows how lightly people take commitment these days. Its a marriage your ending you should be depressed not so apathetic.


(not trying to create bias--everyone is their own person foremost, regardless of their astro. sign!) And many Geminis can be loyal spouses for life.


Another example of a Gemini--Kourtney's formerly (?) cheating boyfriend & baby daddy, Scott Disick. It's not like they aren't charming, witty, or studly, but good marriage material??....


Work as in adjustments, compromise, and sacrifice on both sides, along with a conscious effort to keep it going... I still give them credit for trying. Gemini & Scorpio are hard to keep together. And it's hard to get Gemini to commit in general!! Bad Boy Russell really loved Katy--that's for sure.


I think they should try counseling, but I have friends who are this Gemini/Scorpio match and they couldn't last either, despite a cute baby, major success, and marriage commitment. There's a lot of attraction between these signs, but also much natural incompatibility, so it really TAKES WORK. Hard work with no easy-out quitters! (Geminis flake out easily.) Katy should lean on her friends like Rihanna (a Pisces). Rihanna is naturally compatible with a Scorpio and can understand her moods. To add, Scorpios can be mean as hell when crossed. Maybe Russell got into some love trouble!! Gemini & Scorpio is a relationship that just needs real WORK & patience to work...


They seem like a nice couple, although he is an odd guy with a major womanizer history! Katy is much more successful and hotter than EVER...yet, she seems pretty serious about marriage... hmmmm?
Men can become insecure when their wives are lapping them on many levels... But, I think the death knell is that Russell is a Gemini (big flighty, flirty, cool, analytical tendencies) and Katy is a Scorpio (prone to jealousy, intense, & emotionally deep). These differences can create a huge clash! They are fundamentally different.


well....katy have way better chance on other people....

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