Happy 3rd Birthday, Children of Octomom!

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Octomom Nadya Suleman's octuplets turn three today.

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    ANYHOW ES Imani woods aka dat thicky thona from The Les n Proud ! only the best from Santo domingo Dr ! n secondly im dominican so :O ! yeh Anyways !


    yeh its imani n well as a catholic citizen ive been born n raised in samana Dr at 5 i learned how to do laundry and cook n do housely things n bein homemade since then i moved to the Les of newyork wit my family n as mi spanish heritage wel im catholic n as us dominicanas we dnt believe in stem cell researchs n or abortions or adoptions but as us dominicanas we have kids to live a real life n bein homemade por our hubby n for the family to kw anyhow my opinion about optimom she grew up @ cause im 100%Dr!:)!


    A little late.. not reading all coments BUT buddy creepin in the background is not paparazzi, hes wearing a party hat dummy. leave the poor lady alone! for the kids sake at least!!


    It is so easy for us to judge and hate others based on our own ignorance. how many women have had children that they can't afford? How many women have had children in this country and been on welfare and public assistance? Why don't we hate them? Miss Sulaman should move with her children to a more affordable state in this judgemental country of ours,and learn to grow a garden so that she can feed her children and become more self sustaining.Maybe we colud offer support instead of nastiness. We should all look at this with woman with less judgement and more compassion. The children are here, and when we hurt their mother and her property we are hurting the lives of the little ones also. Don't all you hate filled people realize that?


    I would rather enjoy seeing Octomom on TLC then John & Kate Plus 8. The hollywood press dodges Octomom way too much for her kids to read later inlife, but kate gets a little sympathy from tabloids. I think its a little harsh and seriously depressing for us readers to feel for the kids that hollywood is making them feel this way. It's not the kids fault who their mother is. Just as long as the kids look healthy and happy unlike a lot of other kids in this country. At least give her that.


    Where are of her other children?


    Hi my name is destiny and when i heard about the abortions n all i do believe in stem cells for sayn no to rehab but anyhow wow az a non smoker n non drinker i mean i only belive in families and bein around friends and bein in serious relationship anyhow does it make sense to be or not havn to provide when it comes to a man nor or he sayn he wanted u anyhow i always prefered 4 a obama cause he is a D.R and always stay consistant when it comes to his works hes smart n luv his style anyhowitsaboutme first so!


    Hi my name is destiny and im here to say i feel like abortions are wrong i mean i was born a catholic so :O anyways i am from the lower east side dominicana asi :) anyhow im single so of but if and when i feel when it comes to a man its a decisocn based on reality anyhow i do believe in givn chances to but saving the best for last anyhow i mean when i went to this yankees game david rodriguez told me that baseball is in his heritage so it gave me a different demeanore about him than to blacks iluvD.Rs so:)!


    Deepblueezz why don't you just keep your opinion to yourself. How would you like to be arrested and have your kids taken away? I hope you have none because you are such a vicious bitch !!!!


    Deepblueezz wjy fon't you just kerp ypur opinion to yourself. How would you like to be arrested and have your kids taken away? I hope you have none because you are such a vicious bitch !!!!

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