Happy 30th Birthday, Adam Lambert!

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We apologize, Adam Lambert. We're a day late in wishing you a happy 30th birthday.

But the important occasion seems worth calling attention despite our tardiness because the singer isn't asking for presents. Instead, he's asking fans to contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Adam Lambert on Ellen

“Today is my birthday, and for my 30th I’d like you all to help me change the world," Adam Tweeted yesterday, including a link to charity:water and asking followers to give what they can.

"Together, I bet we can raise over $1 million and bring thousands more people clean water," he added.

We've already donated. Won't you help Lambert and many others take this simple step toward a better, healthier universe?


I love you Adam!you are hot!happy late b'day!


Happy late b'day Adam!I love you!


Hi adam.keep up the good fellowship be your self ,it not cost any money to smile you are there frank


True no one is perfect but there's just no fault I can see with ADAM. With all his phenomenal talents and gorgeousness, I find him humble and gracious. You can tell by the way he laughs ADAM hides nothing and is genuine and honest. That laughter comes from the core of his soul, one who is true to himself. It's why the has loyal, intense and passionate fans. I am so proud to be one and what a joy!


I was happy to donate to such a good cause. I can't wait to hear his new album.


Nice post. Yes, I have donated. Thanks, Adam, for helping us all be better people.


Happy Birthday, Adam! Adam is a generous and kind person, and the most amazing singer.


Happy Birthday Adam!!!


Lambert isn't perfect, nobody is, but dude's a generous thoughtful guy. Love his new single. Hoping to hear it on the radio soon. I know a little bit about the radio industry, but I really don't understand why he has to work so damn hard to get his singles played, totes don't get it. Fingers crossed, cuz BTIKM is so much better than 50% of what's spun constantly on radio's short list right now. Donated, good cause.


I wonder how much Adam donated? Just my thought as he said "together" we can raise a million. He is awesome!!!!!!!

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