Britney Spears, "Second Family" Pose For V

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Team Britney Spears - literally, the singer and her management team - are featured in V magazine in a story about entertainers and their "second families."

The team is featured in these two Britney Spears pics:

Britney Spears' Management Team
Team Britney Spears

Left-to-right: Lou Taylor, business manager; Adam Leber, manager; Brett Miller, executive assistant; Jimmy “Sugar” Kane, security; Larry Rudolph, manager; Derek DeGrazio, fitness trainer; Edan Yemini, head of security; Robin Greenhill, business manager.

“I have worked with all of them for many, many years so it was fun to see them together again on the first day of the tour,” Brit said. “Everybody was catching up and telling all of their fun stories from the past, laughing and just having a great time.”

NOTE: Jason Trawick, Brit's fiance, used to be her agent as well.


OMG... reminds me of Angela Anaconda.


OMGosh---- I had to register just: so I could comment on these photos..... "WHAT A CROCK OF BS....TOTALLY PHOTO SHOPPED MUCH!" With her career have been in trouble and her reputation already weekend after her emotional breakdown and possible ( in my opion), Bi-Polar problems... Wow..... she should fire her team!
In no way does britneys body look like that now nor does her face look like a half diamond chin LOL what a joke!




Britney's truly inspirational. Could anybody predict that she would be like what and how she is now?


I agree, all they did was copy and paste the same exact picture of her into the different pictures. Not original or "family" like at all. That's too bad too, they really did help bring her back from where she'd been.


wow, how fake is that?


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