Blake Corl-Baietti: Dating Demi Moore?

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Demi Moore may have found herself a new boy toy.

Witnesses allegedly spotted the actress stepping out this week in Los Angeles with a 26-year old personal trainer named Blake Corl-Baietti.

Shot of Demi Moore

Nothing else is known about the relationship, but Corl-Baietti is a former model with an interest in "anything outdoors," according to a 2009 profile on a modeling site. He served in the California National Guard and pursued a degree in kinesiology in college.

Moore's ex, Ashton Kutcher, hasn't been heard from much since the couple's split, but rumors circulated last month that he was dating screenwriter Lorene Scafaria.


Its just the HO coming out in her.


This comes off as soooo PATHETIC!!!! C'mon Demi date someone your own age!


I guess she didn't learn her lesson. She's famous & rich, not to mention in the headlines. Does she really think this guy likes her for her mind, her wisdom or her life experience? C'mon Demi, be smarter then that. He should be dating your daughters, not you.


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