Sinead O'Connor Tweets For Psychiatric Help

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Sinead O'Connor's Tweets continue to defy comprehension.

The oft-married Irish singer launched into a worrisome Twitter rant Wednesday, practically begging her followers for a referral to a Dublin psychiatrist, saying she was in desperate need of medication and in "serious danger."

What caused this sudden and disturbing downward spiral and plea for help? Continuing fallout and criticism from her maligned marriage to Barry Herridge.

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"Morning," she said. "I realize i will be in trouble 4 doing this but ireland is a VERY hard place to find help in. So having tried all other ways 1st im asking does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please?"

"im really u-well…and in danger."

"The sindo article about them trying to lose barry his job and every1 being s--t to him 4 marrying me has spun me off and im ill and i desperately need to get back on meds."

"i am in serious danger."

"Please email me at if u know or are a psychiatrist who can help me today…dont tweet i b away from computer i broke ankle have to go to casualty…"

" pls..can any psychiatrist see me today an get me back on meds an help me without me having to go hospital?"

"Me dont wanna leave me kids. Or f--k up me work. Im sorry worring any1…is just am sick and Ireland s--t for finding help cant think of any other way."

Somebody in Ireland, please, email Sinead. And/or drive her to the hospital. Fast.


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