Angelina Jolie: En Route to Rehab After Heroin Relapse (Tabloid Nonsensically Claims)!

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Star’s cover story this week is all about Angelina Jolie and how she’s down to an emaciated 99 pounds due to shooting up heroin like a fiend apparently.

Three separate reasons this is ridiculous:

  1. The magazine proclaimed Brad Pitt got Angelina Jolie pregnant not even a month ago. Guess that didn't pan out, given the image below?
  2. The cover photo of the star is hilariously Photoshopped to the point where her head and body don't even look proportional any longer.
  3. She looked slender, but healthy THIS WEEKEND.
Angelina Jolie Wasting Away!

While the 36-year-old actress is clearly thin, she's not anorexic. Her upper arms have some flesh on them, her cheeks look full enough, and so on.

Star's claim that the 5'7" actress weight has plummeted to 99 pounds seems full-on absurd, but that's their claim, citing the good ol' anonymous source:

“Angie has gotten so skinny and frail, Brad thinks she needs professional help,” the source said, adding that Brad staged an “intervention,” to get her help.

“Her face looks sunken. On the red carpet, her arms look like twigs.”

Uh huh. “Brad is really concerned with her eating habits,” the source adds. “She’s existing on cereal bars and smoothies and slipped to just 99 pounds."

"She is so thin yet will still go on a carrot-juice fast for days. Brad leaves food out all over the place hoping she’ll snack.” LOL. Sorry, we can't take anymore.

Just for fun, check out Star's cover from almost exactly a year ago after the jump. Must be something about Angelina Jolie this time of year ...

Angelina Jolie WASTED!

She could sue the magazine but there is no doubt that she is seriously underweight.


Star magazine is one of the worst trash magazines. I saw her on the award show on Sunday, and she was painfully thin. Some people are just meant to be thin.


Why even post this article??????? Idiots!!!!


These rag magazines will say anything to sell copies.
Angie looked good at all the awards shows, and was drinking wine at the sag awards. If she were pregnant, she wouldn't be drinking.
I would love to see the close source or friend that's giving out this info,and also stop the photo-shopping on the woman. Talk about her work with the UN for a change..but I guess that wont sell copies!


I do not believe she is a herion addict or even does herion, she loves her children and loves her life and what she does. I read something on her that because of all the starving children she sees, that dont get to eat, that she is not eating because of them not being able to eat, and I could see her doing that. Also, the pictures that tabloids take can be altered to make her look bad so they can make up a story about her. sad. I think if anything was happening, we would hear it on real news. good luck angie and brad and children... have a good life.


I don't know one way or the other about the Star's story. I wouldn't be surprised if Ms. Jolie had a substance abuse problem. However, as for the anorexia, I'm a little sensitive to the issue. My little sister died of complications from Anorexia/Bulemia after a ten year battle with the disease, in and out of treatments, you name it. She weighed about 80 pounds when she died, and she's Angie's height. I know what an anorexic looks like. Angie looks like one. It is beyond my comprehension why celebrity worship seems to extend to making excuses for obviously ill people. Get some help, Angie.


This mag pple r d ones sick. Y cant d get a life n leave Angie n Brad alone. Saying untrue thngs is unfortunate. D r so pathetic. Pity!


Thank the "Powers That Be", that the author is an expert on both Heroin addiction AND Anorexia!! I feel so much better now!


The magazines have to eat too.


All you single mothers out there that work 2 jobs , on your feet 20 hrs a day, having to pay a lawyer to collect back child support , shop at the salvation army and are hoping like hell your water is not cut off this week- Well- Your Fucking Selfish! Look at what Angie is going thru!

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