Andy Cohen Defends Inclusion of Russell Armstrong on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Andy Cohen faced the press/fire this week at the Television Critics Association, answering questions about the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and, specifically, why Russell Armstrong has been featured despite his suicide in August.

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"He was given the option to not come back or come back and he chose to come back," Cohen said. "He had spoken to producers a lot vocally about how it had helped his business being on the show, so you know, I can't speak to that."

In an interview prior to the new season airing, Armstrong referred to the show as phony BS, warning that producers edit every action and every conversation.

Did they ever considering cutting him entirely from the show, following his death?

"We had many discussions, as you can imagine, for a long time about how to do the serious discussions," said Cohen. "And I think what emerged is the story of a woman trying to extricate herself from a bad, broken marriage in which she was unhappy and in which domestic violence played a part. And that was the story that wound up emerging from the season."

That, and very high ratings, of course.



Dear Peanut-
Who are you to make conclusions whether domestic violence occurred in the Armstrong household? NO ONE KNOWS what happens behind closed doors- sadly you sound completely ignorant making ASSumptions about someone else's marriage. Domestic Violence is very real... quite often, batterers will intentionally hurt the victim in places that are covered by clothing. It's scary, complex, and takes the victim on a mental, physical, & emotional 180 to 360 whirlwind. Taylor left, and Russell chose to end his life. Those are the only facts we know for sure. Best wishes to Taylor and Kennedy, RIP Russell, and finally, BRAVO made the right choice airing the truth!! Thank you BRAVO for opening awareness & discussion on Domestic Violence Peace and Love- Carrie


Ok Andy,I buy that.But,I think there are enough people that don't believe there was physical abuse between Russell and Taylor.Why don't you have her take a lie detector test about said abuse before continuing with her on the show?I for one would be satisfied with that. She is doing this book about it and if she passed it may be a best seller.There were too many things that say it is not true.

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