Russell Armstrong on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Phony BS!

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In one of the final interviews Russell Armstrong gave before hanging himself, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went off on the series that made him famous and, it's clear at this point, led to his demise.

"Everything you see on that show is bullsh-t," Armstrong told The Fix. "Those Bravo bastards take every little argument out of context and magnify it for the cameras."

Russell and Taylor

Referring to Bravo producers as "evil overlords," Russell went on to say that viewers don't really know him.

"The Russell you see on TV has nothing to do with my real personality... It's just a character I play on TV," he said, admitting that character was "great for business."

Of course, that business fell apart - Russell was facing a $1.5 million lawsuit for scamming investors at the time of his death - along with his marriage to Taylor Armstrong.

Despite allegation of physical and emotional abuse against him, Russell had nothing but kind words for his wife during this interview. He gushed:

"She is the most sensitive, sweet woman I've ever met. Taylor's kind of like an angel. She really is everything to me. We watch these stories about our terrible marriage, and we lie in bed and laugh. The truth is we are really, really happy."

Sadly, we know that was far from the truth. Just a few weeks before season two was set to start filming, reports indicate Russell beat Taylor severely and then threatened Camille Grammer if she said a word about the incident.

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think there is alot more to this whole sad story.taylor move on with your life .this should not of happen i feel bad for that little girl she needs her mom so be there for her .wish you all the best . jodie from the OC. .


Bravo exec. should take couples off of there shows so the can fix the problem and keep it private. It's sad but America loves drama and it makes money.


Bravo exec. should take couple off of there shows so the can fix the problem and keep it private. It's sad but America loves drama and it makes money.


I really agree with Rhonda Smith. This sad loss is multifactorial and this man had to have felt desperate enough to carry it out. Sad for all his children.
I never cared for Taylor but I wouldn't want to bear her burden right now and for long time to come.
I hope she doesn't write this book I have read about with graphic detail of this abuse she describes. His family has been through the worst and shouldn't be subjected to such details. Helping in a shelter is proactive. Describing details to the public is destructive. Does she really want his children reading these things when they are able???


No matter what I feel sorry for taylor, she must be feeling like he did it because of the divorce,I think this guy had a big problem and couldn face the fact that he was broke and in debt


To thatruth5 u sound like u have no heart what a bitch. Taylor was the reason he did that and his little girl is without a dad but nobody is thinking of her only that gold digging bitch.


This phony couple were a bunch of fakers living a lifestyle neither could afford. Both appeared to have a shady past with business deals, name changing, etc. Anything but the truth was true about these two social climbers. She reportedly fainted at the funeral and had to be carried off by a guard. Good acting? Who the hell would want to be friends with people like this? LOL... Your typical shallow hollywood types I guess. I do feel very sorry for his 3 children thou. Hopefully, they will get some good support.


his death is a loss like any human life. however, he took his life not because of the show, or how he was edited or magnified. he took his life due to the fact he dug his own grave with his investors, his demeanor and his behavior with taylor. he lived under many false pretenses created by who??? surely not the network but himself. why let your wife spend $60k if you are in a dire financial strap? i am sorry for his family but it isn't the networks fault. it is our own personal weakness.


oh& btw, he didnt like the way Bravo portrayd him, but yet he signed on 4 another season...!?!?! Oookkkkk then


its crazy b/c f he complained sooo much bout it, he surely didnt have any thng 2 say wen they paid him. Ppl need 2 stop say'n he did it b/c of Taylor& his stressful life, HE cudnt handle it,HE took HIS OWN life, & HE scammed ppl out of $$, not f i wu Taylor,i'd tell his ex&anybdy else 2 kiss my a** & burn n hell. I dnt care 4 her either, but u cud c on the 1st season how 'n control' he was, so i knew they werent happy. Im sorry4ur lost& may God bless their fam