Will Rihanna and Chris Brown Get Back Together?

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Will Rihanna and Chris Brown do the unthinkable?

Nearly three years after the infamous assault that ended their relationship and nearly put him in jail, the two are working toward getting back together, according one of the most prolific and unreliable celebrity news sources around! That's crazy!

Chris Brown and Rihanna's Tweets this week got people talking, and MediaTakeOut (dot) com has apparently "been hearing reports for some time" that Rihanna and Brown are working on "RECONCILIATION" (their word, and unnecessary capitals).

SO is it happening or not?

Rihanna and Chris

According to the celebrity gossip site, a person close to Chris Brown says he'd like nothing more than to get back with her. But since the "incident" Chris felt that he'd destroyed any and all chances of a relationship with his "soul mate."

So he stayed away from her, by law, at her request.

But now things have changed. Rihanna and Chris are speaking to each other on the phone, exchanging IMs and text messages to boot. Insanity!

She's in Barbados right now (check out these bikini photos!) but they reportedly plan to meet up when Rihanna returns to Los Angeles next week.

Chris is said to be ecstatic, but Jay Z and Rihanna's managers are reportedly furious that they're back on speaking terms and may reconcile?

Will they? Is any or all of this true? Stay tuned.

VOTE: Should Rih and Chris date again?

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i don't like ri ri and chris brown together i love riri but hate chris brown


these people are a perfect match!........Rih xwry go 4 wots yoz.......


hey guys dnt hesistate to b back u guys r great couple love to see u together again


J'espère que si Cris et Riha se decident de se remettre ensemble c'est parce qu'ils aiment l'un l'autre. mais pas pour faire la urne des journeaux. si ce serait ds cet optique, ça finirait avec une Rihanna morte par des coups de fouets et un cris pourirait en prison. ( ça, c'est ma pensé)


May they gat married...chris remmember "forever" ur single...i luv u both


So what if chris and rhianna wanna get back ? they were young and foolish then and non of us knows the full story behind what happen .. and whats so ghetoo about chris ? is it because he a black guy making money ? yes they had there argument/fite their over it so why can't you be to !? Its their life at the end of the day ! #Teambreezy #Teamriri !


I was shocked hey u 2 stp playing and get a lyf pls chris make sure she's happy all the tym i hate dis drake merrie each other i love u borth guys big up Rihanna dat is a best choice


I love you so much rihanna!


Its such agreat idea for both of you gays, how wanderful will it be when you back?
Am waiting for one of ma great couples in the world . Haa ha.....a....ha


i think they should .. i think chris made a big mistake now he wish he can take it bak ... just because one mistake ..u should not hold that grudge forever ..they still love each other they just afraid what ppl outside their world will say .. if i was them i would not care.. i do not support wat happen but i support true love and true love do not come with a "do not get hurt " sign do it .... every relationship have problems ..either work it out or go on by ya business

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