Whoopi Cushion: Goldberg Lets One RIP on The View

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Whoopi Goldberg farted on The View hardcore today.

Seriously, there's breaking wind and there is cutting ass.

This is the latter. It was a loud one, and there's no hiding it. To her credit, Whoopi didn't even try after the fart interrupted her interview with Homeland star Claire Danes, saying, "Excuse me, I think I just blew a little frog outta there!"


A rep for ABC said that Whoopi Goldberg farting on The View (not for the first time, either) "was in good fun ... secretly we hoped it would get posted on YouToot."

Gotta give them credit for honestly. And that play on words.

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* Farting And Laughing Out Loud*
Seriouly pple, i think her After-Fart show is getting more interesting.


Whoopi is a Bone A Fied - Racist! Now that she is not in demand on the Screen she comes out of the Closet! Just like every Black- When you Question their motive they Scream Racism and they cant understand why nobody wants a Damn thing to do with them!


Seriously? People are outraged by a perfectly normal, albeit gross, bodily function? You are all idiots.


i will no longer watch a whoopi movie. this display of filth is horrible. what has happened with our communications where something as disgusting as this can be allowed on tv. music has offensive lyrics and nudity is everywhere and now whoopi feels she can pass gas on tv. fire her and send the message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated! if she did that in singapore she would have been subjected to a public caning!


Lol!!! We are all human so what.....she farted! You have never farted at work??? Sometimes you just can't hold it!!!! I can't believe some of you think she should be fired....now that disgusts me!!!! Laugh a little!!!!




they need to fire her, she disrespected me and others who were offended by that disgusting display on national tv. where is jesse jackson and al sharpton on this topic??!!bre


the fcc should fire her. i am mortally offended by that outburst. i feel my civil rights were threatened by having to wtiness such a disgusting display on daytime television. i hope they fire her.


Be glad you don't have "Smellevision"


I'm just happy that she is pretty neutral about politics!! Barbara, and especially Joy lots of times talk political trash. I know what Joy is going to complain about before she opens her mouth. Joy = political downer!! Whoopie is positive at least. Rosie was the disgusting one. And if the fart was so "BAD" they do have the option to edit it out. Since they didn't, who cares? Complain to the producers.