Who Won America's Next Top Model?

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America's Next Top Model courted some major controversy on its season finale tonight, as finalist Angela Preston was disqualified... with little explanation provided.

Sources say she was given the boot for leaking spoilers about the cycle, while some go as far as to validate this claim... and add that she was actually named the winner, until The CW was forced to reshoot the finale. The network, meanwhile, simply said in a statement:

"After production wrapped on the current cycle of America's Next Top Model, we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale."

Lisa D'Amato Picture

That shocking development resulted in a rather anti-climactic conclusion, but Lisa D'Amato took home the crown after dominating on the runway.

For winning the first-ever All-Stars cycle, Lisa earned a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, along with a spread in Vogue Italia and a guest correspondence role on Extra.

"It's crazy! It's absolutely crazy! I feel incredible," said the 30-year old after hearing her name called as the champion. "To be honest, my confidence actually comes from a very vulnerable place. It's not that I'm over-confident. It's just that I have to life myself up every day. I have a lot to prove. I feel like the universe finally came around for me and I'm not going to let anybody down. I won America's Next Top Model All Star. It's pretty damn cool."

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angelea was hideous. looked like a man and was ghetto. she did not deserve to win. and why would she? because she was from the ghetto and was on food stamps?? blah. who cares. her attitude stank. good riddance.


still love ms. jay and definately mr. jay. just disappointed in this allstar season


okay angelea was talked up then thank god proved herself to be a selfish corrupt angry dont care about anyone but me bitch. i think antm picked her because they could benefit from her story and portray her as a reahabilitated ghetto girl. they could have avoided all this if they sent her home when she should have been instead of dominique. laura allison an lisa should have been the last three. that would have been a great finale. but now we get a fake one so thanks JUDGES! oh and i think leon tally doodle dreckatood judge should go away. puuuuke. still love you tyra and nigel.


I liked alison the best. I didn"t think lisa was a good choice. she was kind of off the wall


Isn't Lisa the one that peed in a diaper?


dont get mad at the show beacuse angelea cant keep her mouth shut about what happened on the show.


I am totaly pissed that Angelea did not win, she deserved it and passioned for it the most. Her dedication and punctuality made my heart beat. I am a big fan of ANTM, however after giving my girl Angelea the boot, I will not be watching or supporting that show anymore. I am sure that whatever the alligations were, there could have been alternative methods other than removing her from the show. HUUUH I am truely upset. You won in my book Angelea, a few months ago I met Sheena at a fashion function and she revealed that things are not always how they appear on TV, now I am convinced. Keep fighting Angelea your dedication will not fail you. You will prosper.


i am glad that angela did not win. she was praised by tyra for doing things other girls in other cycles got ridculed for like tiffany for example. if she won it would make tyra look like a idiot for picking someone who refused their advice and could not negative feedback and treated the other girls like dirt. between allison and lisa i would have liked to seen allison won .


OMG i cant belive this !!!!!


I would have lost all faith if Angelea had won... She did not deserve it after all meltdowns and unwillingness to take or even understand critique given by her competition.
I respect Lisa and think she deserved to win but so did Allison and I was rooting for her. I too hated Lisa the first time I watched her cycle but then I re-watched it later and just though that she seemed like so much fun. Not like Smellrose..