The War in Iraq: It's Over!!

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Almost nine years after the first U.S. tanks crossed the Iraqi border, and approximately eight years and seven months after President George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," the Pentagon declared an official end to the Iraq War today.



yeah well done, after KILLING 1 million civilians!!! F*** off with our "hero" bullshit.


It doesn't take much courage to murder innocent civilians, and to be hailed as a hero by their people is absolutely disgusting. What is the world coming to?!


I second the emotion of Lee Greenwood's (patriotic) song.
Proud to be an American. GOD BLESS THE USA!!
An extra shout out to the families of our military who's Christmas wish list will be granted by having their loved ones at home to share the holidays with. I can easily believe that there will be an over abundance of babies being born by September 2012. PEACE!!

Kellie m

It is time to bring home ALL of our military. My son's best friend is deployed in Afghanistan and will be for the next year. He is serving on the front lines so it is very scary. Enough is enough. Bring them home!!!


Hats off to all the soldiers who fought and were still fighting when this was declared over. MAD RESPECT FOR AMERICAN HEROES!!!!!!!