Shaun White Nude Photos: Reportedly Out There!

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Olympic snowboarding god Shaun White may be in some serious hot water if photos taken of him laying (half) pipe at a hotel party in 2009 have made their way online.

Dude is not clothed and not not having sex in them.

Several party goers managed to snap photos of White's naked romp with some girl, but his people managed to erase all the pics ... or so they had thought.

Shaun White

At least two of the pics have surfaced, though, one in which Shaun is making out with a hot blonde gal in front of other people, clothed, and another in which Shaun appears to be getting it in missionary style, grinning at the camera, totally nude.

Oh, and the ginger carpet matches the drapes, apparently.

The seller is looking for a serious payday, but so far has not found a buyer ... which doesn't really shock us to be honest. The Olympics were almost two years ago now, and when was the last time you thought about Shaun White?

He's awesome at snowboarding, but we're just saying.


Where can one find the naked photos of Shaun White?


Who gives a shit !


I meant washed-out guys in my comment below, of course. Not "wshed-out guys," whatever that means. I have a key that's sticking, so apparently I'll have to ask my maid to be sure not to eat whatever it is she's eating whenever she uses my conputer.I even installed a computerI gave to her in her living quarters in our house. How slack is that? For 15 years, we've dealt with maids, landscapers and just about everyone else who cannot seem to display a molecule of sense between them. And they're all overpaid until I finally have to fire rthem for slacking off and stealing.And now this, the cretin.


Of couse, that's really just your your opinion, Christie, not a statement of fact, any more than mine is a statement of fact. And of course you are every bit as free to state your opinion as I am to state mine, which is that I find him quite sexy. To me, he's hot.Is that OK with you, then? I love redheaded men and I especially like very fit, athletic redheads, not doughy wshed-out guys.


What has he accomplished recently? Is that a serious question? lol wow. Also, he is farrrrr from hot. Quite the opposite acually.

John e

Why is it big news that he is naked buffing some chick?Damn it happens every day,every hour so who gives a rats ass any way?By the way what has he really accompolished lately anyway?


He is hot,so I surely don't blame the girl.

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