Sarah Palin on Presidential Run: Not Too Late!

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Will Sarah Palin still run for U.S. President?

In our opinion, there's no way that's happening, but it won't stop her from continuing to tease the masses to make sure we remember she's still around.

Asked by Fox Business Network about the likelihood that she'd become a candidate for the White House in 2012, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it's not too late for "folks" to jump in ... including herself.

"Who knows what will happen in the future," she added.

Sarah Palin Speaking

Palin told Fox News she felt no enthusiasm for anyone in the current GOP field and that she needed to feel something before she would offer an endorsement.

She said in October that she wouldn't seek the GOP nomination, since she could be more effective helping the party by assisting others' bids to be elected.

The first votes are cast in the Republican primary season January 3 in Iowa. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are currently leading polls in the state.

Should Sarah Palin run for President?

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I just love the Consistent way of some people! Always got to touch base with Racist " Finger Pointing" when anyone questions a Black person.


Sarah, Rush & Reilly are proof you will never go broke when you appeal to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. Racist, sexist, hopmophobic and greedy. Their sales and ratings are number one but they bitch about the liberal media.


As if being a Lifetime Recipient of the Gross Baboon of the Year Award were not enough, Sarah Palin alluded to or hinted at or just plain vomitted this:


This Country will not Survive another 4 Years of Obama! Economy is in the Pits! Post Racism? Black on White Crime is at an All Time High! Every Useless F*ck is waiting for a Handout! Sarah Palin? That Book buried Her and she knows it! Spreading her Legs with the Hoopster- Now walking around talking Family Values? BullSh*t! Her 15 minutes is up! Newt? Way way Way to much Baggage! Romney Romney Romney in 2012!


Her self importance was always over rated, being f***able and being electable, are two separate things


Sarah would lead this country back to reality.
Obama will ruin this nation and put it in total collapse by spending what they don't have. If the Government was run like a business it would be bankrupt.
Common Sarah get yor name on the roster you can do it


I'm just glad that she is not from Texas; she would get the nomination for sure. I'm not sying that they have the worst candidates, but look who they elected; LBJ being the worst.


Who cares! President Obama will be re-elected easily, despite what is being said and written right now. It is obvious that the economy is finally starting to recover from the years of malaise that Bush caused, and by the election next November, things will be looking even better. In addition, the Republicans have the weakest field of candidates running against him in decades, and the public is finally getting very tired of the tail of Tea Party crazies wagging the dog of the rest of the country.


Her self importance is over rated!!


She would make the best united states president of all time! No sarcasm intended.

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