Sam Hurd, Chicago Bears Wide Receiver, Busted By Homeland Security Agents in MASSIVE Drug Sting

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Stop us if ya Hurd this one ...

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    TMAC is 100% Nigger- Just like Hurd. Only a Stupid Nigger would pull some shit like this! It's in his DNA! I like seeing TMAC on site because when his useless Ass is typing the Crime Rate is Dropping.


    Why does anybody earning 5.1 million dollars need to sell drugs? He's foolish, destroyed his family, disgraced, a scourge on the community and is going to jail!

    Did I mention stupid too?


    What's racist? The baller or balla or player or idiot or crackhead or stupid effin idiot or loser or p.o.s. or moron or f***face or sh**for brains or negroid or whatever you want to call him do not matter. What he did is probably the stupidest thing an athlete will do in 2011. Hope he needs to use all his $5.1 M for a lawyer. LOL.




    Black or white dumb and over paid


    @ 67fuon3. Lol, good comment.;-)


    @TMac...why are they so racist giving the black guy the front and center picture? Oh wait, he got busted! According to your backwards logic, when he tattles (yep that's his master plan) he's going to get alot of black people in the news. This must make you so proud.


    @Tmac, I keep on seen your comments every where here. Just shut the F up. You are sooo F'n annoying. Get a life LOOSER!!!


    Yeah tmac, the reporter is racist because they used the term "baller". But you actually mentioning sometimes skin color....thats not racist at all, right? I would tell you that youre the king of hypocrisy, but given that you can't even spell the word "lettuce" correctly, something tells me you wouldn't even know the meaning of the word. Psssst.....your stupidity and ignorance are showing!


    Old, white, nerds...if you MUST misuse the slang "baller" to describ a football player (should be used for basketball stars)...then at least say the word correctly...BALLA...YOU MF'RS. White racist pigs. Get your own slang. And BTW, let a brother score some lettus..why arrest him? Losers.

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