Ron Paul on Possible Donald Trump Run: Not Happening!

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GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on Fox News Friday and was asked about a possible third-party Donald Trump run, now that he's become an independent.

Paul is not concerned.

“To each his own, he may do it. I doubt he’ll do it," he said. "If he really wanted to be president, why walk away? Why is he concerned he couldn’t do it as a Republican?”

“I have no idea what he is going to do,” Paul said.

“I don’t think he will be calling me for advice. I don’t think he will ask for an appointment to come see me to get advice or an endorsement. I’m not expecting that.”

Your World host Neil Cavuto asked the Republican hopeful why he never "kissed Trump’s ring" like many of the other candidates had over the past year. His reply:

“I didn’t think it was necessary or appropriate ... How could he endorse what I’m doing? My positions are pretty much opposite of what he talks about."

"He doesn’t believe in free market. He likes the Federal Reserve. He is not a free trader. He likes tariffs. So there is not a lot we have in common.”

That about sums it up from Paul's perspective.


I'd say that Trump is a clown, but I wish not to insult clowns. RON PAUL in 2012


Donald Trump & the other Neocons,
are now working to help President Obama. They know Ron Paul will not take their orders.


Yes, Mr. Schmitz. Paul 2012


Notice that only Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman right away declined a presidential "debate" to be "moderated" by Trump because it was inappropriate. The other candidates had to gauge the winds of popular opinion to decide what was most advantageous for them politically.

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