Newt Gingrich Vows Not to Cheat on Wife if Elected President

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Newt Gingrich, the newly-anointed frontrunner in the fluid Republican presidential race, is promising he will not cheat on his wife Calista if elected to the White House.

Seriously, this came up.

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives issued a statement to The Family Leader, an evangelical Iowa organization, pledging to sign its Marriage Vow.

The key points of Newt's remarks on marriage - he's on #3, having cheated on wife #2 with wife #3 in the 1990s, while he was pushing to impeach Bill Clinton - include:

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  • He pledges to uphold the institution of marriage through fidelity to his spouse.
  • Gingrich will enforce the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), and will support a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as one man, one woman.
  • Gingrich believes life begins at conception, will reinstate Reagan’s Mexico City policy, repeal Obamacare and cut funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • He promotes the right of conscience for health care workers so they aren't compelled to participate in abortions or procedures against their beliefs.

Newt has catapulted himself to the front of the GOP pack despite more baggage than the American Airlines flight Alec Baldwin was kicked off of last week.

His messy divorces are seen as a liability by some, but voters seem to care most about the economy, so it remains to be seen if it'd actually hurt Gingrich.

Fellow GOP contenders Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum already signed the pledge. Mitt Romney is currently focus grouping it to see if he should sign this week, then change his mind two hours after the Iowa caucuses. Just kidding. Sorta. Not really.


How can Newt's wax museum wife ever accuse him of cheating when she set the ground rules for what is acceptable in a marriage? I'm afraid that Newt's found a loophole along with all the other holes he'll continue to find along his merry way. He is diabolical.


why do we care? If he is faithful to his wife? This won't matter a whole hill of beans anyway, no one cares, it doesn't matter as long as the country is on its way back to the prosperity we once knew. I am sure he won't make it. Newt is not qualified and neither are the other choices. I am not sure why the republican party keeps putting up losers. In my humble opinion you should be out in the real world, living off real paychecks what should happen is they should work a blue collar job, for minimum wage, for a period 6 months and not be able to use any of their ill gotten gains to get by on. That would be living in a moderate priced rental, paying for gas to and from and all the extras real people have to do. Maybe then their ill gotten gains would be returned to the people. I have a challenge to all the incumbents to do that, then come back and legislate from a real prospective. I bet they couldn't do it. They wouldn't make it to the first coffee break.


So, he will only stay faithful to his wife IF he is elected President??? So, he is then saying, that he might/will cheat on her if he is NOT elected president. And, why is it that he will not come clean about his around $500,000 debt to Tiffany's? Which by the way, is more than double the value of the average American home. People, we can do better.


He will not get my vote at all, he look like a lying jerk.




Buddy, America needs a leader that can inspire the masses...not just lead. INSPIRE. And dude, you are a little dough boy with a wandering dick. You left two of your three wives while they were battling serious cancer. You are no can wear his lapel pin all you are not a man of character. You are a douchebag..You have now surpassed the level of jerk and asshole, graduating to full blown MF*#cker. Loser.


No problem, Newt. No one wants to sleep with you anyway.


Women say goodbye to your personal freedoms if this man is elected.

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