Kim Kardashian Charges $600,000 Just to Have Her Boring A$$ Show Up Somewhere New Year's Eve

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Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, is just not that interesting.


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    Some people in the world may be jealous of Princess Kim Kardashuan for her sultry, sizzling and sexilicious beauty, wealth and fame, we understand that! Regardless, SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG loves and totally supports Kim! Yes, she may not be perfect and there may be gazillion other beautiful, rich and famous women all over the world! Still Kim is unique! She is a billion dollars SCOGOSTOLOGY BEAUTY PRINCESS! Even if she charges a million or more dollars for an appearance it is worth every penny because it is hard and expensive to be Princess Kim Kardashian! (LOL)




    I dont give a shit about what any of you say. She is the sexiest woman alive and you lot are just jealous!!! Luv u Kim and you can ask me to marry you anytime


    I dont give a shit about what any of you say. She is the sexiest woman alive and you lot are just jealous!!! Luv u Kim and you can ask me tp marry you anytime


    everyone should just leave the Kardashians alone. Just because they make mistakes doesn't mean we have to punish them for it. If you were in their shoes how would you feel about the world talking shit about you? Would you like it, would you like the judgemental comments about you, would you like the hurtful thinmgs people say about you? Huh? Would you? Remember that our Father in Heaven is not a hateful person so we shouldn't be also. He is very forgiving and we should be to.


    If they're willing to pay that at Tao's. It's no concern of mine!


    What really separates us Americans from everyone else in the universe is that we are moron enough to care or be interested in anything so-called celebrities in media entertainment or sports – or pseudo-celebrities – do.
    Whole industries exist just to report true or fake news about the unimportant, because we are idiots. You may not remember that Mother Teresa and Princess Di actually died on the same week – 99.9% of the so-called news was about Princess Di… virtually nothing about Mother Teresa – who gave her life to others.
    Need I say more?


    if u dont like the Kardashians then dont watch the show.She is ,making a living with modeling,perfumes,and clothing lines with her sistera has well.Dont call them whores for making an honest living.All u haters out there get a life. there is just 1 thing that i think was stupid,marrying Kris Humphries.HEis a total cocky young punk with a fucking ugly face. i bet hes the one that makes them gorilla cookies for the animal crackers box. dont worry Kimmy u will find ur prince charming.Klohe I think ur awesome n Kourtney u r so sweet and mason is a beautiful little boy. Congrats to u n scott on baby number 2


    What a travesty! all the starving, homeless people in this country and this whore gets paid 600k just to show up. She looks like a mannequin and she looks like she stinks with that out of proportion big, ugly butt.


    Lol should see them without a tone of make up they look normal Armenian women !!nonthing special abt this dysfuntional greedy family!!

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