Justin Bieber Pulled Over for Driving Mishap... Again!

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Note Justin Bieber: maybe spend a little less time on your hair and a little more time on your driving.

For the second time in a couple months, the singer got pulled over by a police officer yesterday. In October, it was for actually cutting off a cop. This time, it was for making an illegal left turn. He didn't get a ticket on either occasion.

Trust us, that's Justin, trying to shield his face, behind the wheel:

Justin Bieber Pulled Over

Bieber is also rumored to have crashed his vehicle while street racing.

We applaud the PSA Justin made that encourages folks to NOT text while driving... but come on, man. Practice better road etiquette. Or just hire a chauffeur.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


So what !!!!! Even everyone did this ...... Anyways i


i dont care justin bieber i love u


oh come on give him a break he is 17 we all went through this stage some never get out of it like me :) keep your head up justin your just human


most geniuses don care.luv u bieber

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