Janice Dickinson on America's Next Top Model: Rigged!

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Janice Dickinson has a message for Tyra Banks: F*ck you! Eat a bag of royal skank!

Indeed, the former America's Next Top Model panelist now takes extreme issue with the show and its host, telling Janice TV at FilmOn.com that The CW competition is "rigged" because "CoverGirl are the ones who choose the model - not any of the judges."

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The show made headlines this week when Lisa D'Amato was named the first winner of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, following the dismissal of finalist Angelea Preston, reportedly because she leaked spoilers prior to the finale.

"The fact of the matter is [Tyra Banks] makes like $90 million," Dickinson said. "She makes a lot of money per year still hawking that franchise worldwide - they're doing it in every country - and it's CoverGirl who chooses the winner."

In response to this allegation, The CW has released a simple statement that reads: "This is completely untrue."

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I think Janice is right to some extend. I do think Tyra runs the show but they cooperate with Cover Girl along the way as the season runs along.. And I think in the end where there are 2-3 contestants left, Cover Girl gets the final say if they accept or do not accept the winner the judges have chosen before the final decision is put out to the girls..


Janice must be pretty jealous since her TV modelinh show wasn't as succesfull as Tyra's and is using the current DQ scandal as a chance to hit back. Tsk, tsk.Like the foul mouth rant is gonna bother Tyra.


These girls are not pretty enough to be top models. Have any really made it?


Janice is one of the most evil bitches out there. If she was a character on a Disney movie, she would play the wretched queen on Snow White. Seething from jealousy and insecurity, she attempts to wreck what she most desperately wanted. Tyra gave her a coveted spot as a judge. She messed up that and was not welcome back on the show. She tried unsuccessfully to have her own show, copying the whole concept from Tyra, which totally bombed and sucked beyond words. Now her status is zilch, nada. Stint on celebrity rehab? Wow, you're awesome Janice, a real envy of the town. She is nasty and vulgar. Her soul is black. Go snort another line and blame it on your daddy.


janice needs to stop hating on tyra

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