A cute girl born in 1980, Lisa D'Amato was once a contestant on America's Next Top Model. Now Lisa D'Amato is reportedly dating the great...

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Just call her America's Next Top Mother.

Lisa D'Amato and her husband welcomed a baby boy into the world yesterday, with the former America's Next Top Model All-Stars winner posting the good news on her Instagram page.

"My baby boy Daxel Vaughn Friedman is born," she wrote. "He is 7pds 2oz and he is perfect! I'm in love."

Lisa D'Amato Baby Bump

In May, D'Amato told E! News that she wasn't exactly enamored by her expecting state.

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Lisa D'Amato is expecting her first child.

The former America's Next Top Model champion confirmed the exciting news to E! this week, saying it was a surprise because she and husband Adam Friedman both use both control - and also that it's anything but a walk in the fetus-growing park.

Lisa D'Amato Photograph

"My pregnancy has been a complete nightmare, to be honest," D'Amato admitted. "I can't believe women do this on the daily! I haven't been bedridden or anything, but nausea all day everyday and only starchy fatty foods help it subside."

But D'Amato - who seriously injured her face in January - is keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing.

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Lisa D'Amato is recovering at the moment from a freak accident that left her face in horrific condition - and we've got the photographic evidence to prove it.

The America's Next Top Model All-Stars champion tells People was just "monkeying around" in her hotel room last week, doing a handstand against a crew member from the movie Cowboys and Indians, when she tumbled over and this was the result:

Lisa D'Amato Injury Photos

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America's Next Top Model courted some major controversy on its season finale tonight, as finalist Angela Preston was disqualified... with little explanation provided.

Sources say she was given the boot for leaking spoilers about the cycle, while some go as far as to validate this claim... and add that she was actually named the winner, until The CW was forced to reshoot the finale. The network, meanwhile, simply said in a statement:

"After production wrapped on the current cycle of America's Next Top Model, we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale."

Lisa D'Amato Picture

That shocking development resulted in a rather anti-climactic conclusion, but Lisa D'Amato took home the crown after dominating on the runway.

For winning the first-ever All-Stars cycle, Lisa earned a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, along with a spread in Vogue Italia and a guest correspondence role on Extra.

"It's crazy! It's absolutely crazy! I feel incredible," said the 30-year old after hearing her name called as the champion. "To be honest, my confidence actually comes from a very vulnerable place. It's not that I'm over-confident. It's just that I have to life myself up every day. I have a lot to prove. I feel like the universe finally came around for me and I'm not going to let anybody down. I won America's Next Top Model All Star. It's pretty damn cool."

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This just in: the following developments are signs that you might have a drug or alcohol problem....

  • ... carrying on an affair, as a 15-year old, with a married, steroid-using professional baseball player.
  • ... making a living as a Hollywood madam.
  • ... dating Cisco Adler.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, Mindy McCready, Heidi Fleiss and Lisa D’Amato (all pictured below) are among the cast members for VH1's third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Joining these stars that hope to milk their pain and suffering for an extra 15 minutes of fame and fortune on the show are:

  • Former NBA star Dennis Rodman
  • Actress Mackenzie Phillips
  • Actor Tom Sizemore
  • Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche
  • Alice in Chains' Mike Starr
  • Real World: Hollywood's Joey Kovar

The series will premiere in early 2010 and cover a 21-day program led by Colgate University graduate Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Click on the following photos to enlarge pics of the rest of Celebrity Rehab's cast:

  • Mike Starr
  • Kari Ann Peniche Nude

Call us cynical, but if these people really wanted help, they wouldn't seek it on a reality TV show.

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Lisa D'Amato is a former finalist on America's Next Top Model.

Cisco Adler is an alleged rocker / long-haired dude who dates famous girls and sometimes shows off giant balls in pics found in Paris Hilton's locker.

Cisco Adler, Girlfriend

It was a celebrity couple destined to happen.

Not only are Cisco Adler and Lisa D'Amato together (guess Lydia Hearst is out of the picture), but they're filming videos like this one below!

Check out "Bikini," a music video featuring Lisa D'Amato in, yes, a bikini, while Cisco Adler directs all the hot action and mans the camera.


Okay, iso t's no Jessica Sierra sex tape. Heck, it's not even as hot as that Whitesnake video from the '80s. You know the one we mean. But whatever.

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