Angelina Jolie Refuses to Eat Because Poor People Can't, Source Claims

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Angelina Jolie is shedding pounds like a madman, according to a new tabloid report, and unlike many anorexic, waifish celebs, it has zero to do with vanity.

It's all about making a political statement, says a source.

The 36-year-old U.N. goodwill ambassador, who travels the globe meeting the poor, "puts herself on fasts to make statements for the children she visits."

"She says, 'If they can't eat, I can't eat,'" the source adds. "She does different cleanses from around the world. It's very dramatic, but that's how she is."

Thin Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie: Wasting away to nothing?

The actress, currently promoting her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, has Brad Pitt worried about her health, according to other insiders.

"He's worried about her and has made her see a zillion doctors," the alleged experts say, but despite the concerns of some, "they just tell her she's fine."

So ... is she really starving herself in that case?

Probably not. But she can't hide the fact that she's looking thinner these days ... and she certainly can't hide the crazy, according to made-up nannies.



So all you people bitching bout Angelina know her personally do you?? And you all obviously give plenty of what you earn to charity too?? Oh and everything everyone says about you 100% true?? Shut up idiots. These articles are to feed the hype you suck up. Your being conned into believing this story is true. There's no proof. None at all. Grow up and understand life and media as it is. Life is real. Media..for the most part is a game. A money making game. Angelina is an actress and mother. She can choose to live her life how she wants. So keep your useless judgemental remarks to yourself!!


AS word spreads that Hollywood, including Korea
era draftee who NEVER saw Korea, Clint Eastwood
have BALKED the 60th Anniversary of the -----------------KOREAN WAR--------------------- -JOLIE might, finally, this Christmas pay a
visit to those interment camps and enforced EUGENICS
facilities on the Manchurian border. She could bring a food train with her.


What would it achieve for her to go without food for the hungry? She is driven around by a driver, she has servants,she has millions. Spending her money on providing for the hungry would make sense. She has spent millions on where she lives, they have many houses. Her excuse is lame to say the least, and no one should stop eating as a protest. Bill Gates gave $32 billion to the less fortunate, keeping the money and not eating is a strange thing to claim.


---NOT ONLY has JOLIE refused to say anything
about the Globalist-RED China world TREASON and
EUGENICS OP but, so we learn, she's a member of the CFR! --------------------STEER CLEAR!------------------------


When we refuse to admit to an obsession, we hide behind things to cover up. I don't starve myself because of poor children, instead I donate what little I have, those children would prefer food, not someone going oskinny for them.


Stupid story.


I can't believe you guys believe this crap. You are all sheep....baaaaaah! I agree she does great work with her foundations but come on. She still lives in that castle with many more like it i'm sure, while people go homeless. She still gets paid millions for acting while people every day struggle to survive at her doorstep. Stupid to give up something you need to survive when you have so much more you can let go of...


We understand the stated reasons Angelina has stopped eating, but what about her kids? If she explained it to them I'm not 100% sure they would understand. That could establish poor eating habits in the future.


jst giv her a few wks n she'l b eating lyk hell. hunger is not sth to joke wth


you can't eat because you have a eating disorter. She cant eat cause of poor people yet she can live in a 75 million $ castle.

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