What is Demi Lovato Thankful For?

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Last year at this time, Demi Lovato was in treatment for a number of personal issues.

Therefore, following a 2011 that has seen the singer re-establish herself professionally and recover personally, Lovato has plenty to be thankful for this holiday season.

A Kiss from Demi Lovato

"I could not have done this without God and the amazing support from my family," Demi writes in her monthly Seventeen column. "They have stuck by me through everything and love me just the way that I am. That is a wonderful feeling to know that people accept the real you."

Lovato is currently on tour, promoting the album "Unbreakable" (watch her rendition of "Moves Like Jagger" HERE!), and says she's "thankful for my life path, including the highs and the lows, because it has caused my true self to shine through," adding:

"Going to treatment was a gift and I believe it saved my life. I learned how to be strong and healthy even through struggles. It also helped me open up about my issues and share them with others. Knowing that my family, friends and fans accept me for who I am is the greatest feeling ever!"

Amen, Demi. We wish you continued health and happiness.

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Why does bad things happen to the best of people


It's Unbroken not Unbreakable... Anyways she's amzing and she can conquer anything she wants!! Love her!


wow,Demi z doing it and am so like luvin her songs like right now.jst wishin you all da best of success...


its not "unbreakable"!,. its "UNBROKEN"!!!


Wow @sarah you actually have a soft spot. Touchy. Maybe next year this time you'd be the one in rehab.


Demi glad you are doing well and although you are a young celebrity you are following a good path right now. Don't ever change. You are a amazing! :)


Really touching demz really really touching. It made me cry :( :'(


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