Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Returning to Conan!

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Conan O’Brien is resurrecting an old standby tonight.

For the first time since moving to TBS last year, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will join O’Brien on stage. Conan tweeted the news via this pic from New York, where he's broadcasting this week. He's not looking too pleased about the insults to come:

Triumph and Conan

Technically, O’Brien’s content from NBC is property of that network, but the TBS host has already brought the Masturbating Bear back without repercussions.

It's go time for Triumph tonight. This sock puppet pooch drops comedic bombs on foolz like no other, and we can only pity who his victim(s) might be.

If you haven't seen this crass canine in action, you're in luck. We've dug deep and posted Triumph at the premiere of Star Wars: Episode II below ...


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