Thanksgiving Memories: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey ... Others Not So Lucky

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President Barack Obama pardoned a turkey named Liberty at the White House today. But, as you know, most birds are not so lucky, even when politicians are nearby.

Just a few years back, in fact, one committed a major party fowl.

In this classic video from Thanksgiving 2008, then-Governor Pain pardoned a turkey and gave an interview with a local news station ... during which things went awry.

Watch what happens in the background in the clip below:


Many times i had done the same mistake and i was unable to solve or correct my mistakes. I had bowed to forgive me many times, after the over control of others feelings tends to be anger on me. After i had went out from them permanently i think that they will pardon me for my fault actions. It is impossible or difficult to hypnotize someone in our bad times to change the problem to be solved.


I'm certain there has been a Mistake! She was in Maui over Thanksgiving! Roaming the Dorm Halls looking For Georgetown Basketball Players- Seems she had an itch. I'm thinking Bristol was with her- Teaching her how to " Give and Go" would be my Guess! One thing is for certain- That Skank is laying Low! She is Obsmas best friend! The minute she puts her Blessing on the Republican Selection for President- Obama Will win.


Stuff here like a turkey. mmmm


Oh Sarah Palin I love you so much. I wish I could fuck your pussy, tits and asshole.

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