SueLyn Medeiros Sex Tape Release: Unjust, Model Cries!

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SueLyn Medeiros simply can't believe it. She's aghast. She's angry. She's truly stunned that a sex tape featuring her and a loved one has hit the Internet.

And the Brazilian model says she plans on taking legal action against whoever had the audacity to release it.

"I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me," Medeiros tells TMZ. "I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does.

"Someone stole these files from us... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice."

Well, we've convinced. What about you? Do you think SueLyn Medeiros is behind her sex tape release?


This thing of taking pics or videos must come to an end people do not learn.


good. i'm tired of kim kardashian.


I'm sorry but seriously taking "private" videos and or naked pictures, will never remain "private" in this day and age. In my opinion it is very stupid to even do these things and it's tragic in some cases. A teen girl commited suicide after naked pics she sent to her boyfriend were shown to kids all over her school. I mean I think if you are going to do such things than at least be AWARE that they will mostly likely leak to the public. And if you just have to film intimate videos of you and your partner, then at least keep the Clip yourself at all times and NEVER trust anyone with it, not even your partner. Or just burn it after you both have seen
it. Unless of course your Kim K. And you want it to be seen all around.


I never beleive these girls.these tapes never just get seen by the makers only.


Perhaps it is time for a new dark-haired "it girl." This how "it girls" get started, and Kardashian has hit 30 now. How old is this chick? Young enough to dupe teenagers and twenty-somethings?