Robin Gibb, Former Bee Gees Singer, Diagnosed with Liver Cancer

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Sad news today out of the music world: Robin Gibb, the former lead singer for the Bee Gees, has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Sources say the musician was told of the news a few months ago, but word has only recently circulated following a series of missed appearances. On Tuesday, the 61-year old was rushed to the hospital, but returned home later that day.

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"We should be thinking about Robin’s incredible talent as a singer and songwriter, and the wonderful gift of music that he and his brothers gave to the world," a friend told The Daily Mail.

There has been no official word out of Gibb's camp yet, but we'll keep readers apprised of the "Stayin Alive" singer's condition. Our thoughts go out to his family.


Liver cancer is a very strong adversary. I hope he kicks it's axx. Good luck and God Bless You, Robin.


My heart goes out to him. He has my you!xo


I just want the Gibb family to know that I have been a Huge fan ever since they started.I grew up in the 60's and now introduced my children to their music.I love the ballads.I listen to them on my ipod all the time.I will keep you Robin and your whole family in my prayers.May God give you strength and a miracle recovery.The Beegees are well loved in many houses.Thank You all for the great music that you have given us and hope you will continue to do so.
xxxxxxxxooooooooaA Loving Fan


@ Hilton Hater,
Thank you for revealing the story of Robin's illness. His many fans will be able to enjoy "the music" as we continue to express our thanks for all the years that The Brothers Gibb entertained us through the airwaves and through their many staged performances.


How can you mend a broken heart??
Fannie be tender with my love!!
I've just gotta get a message to you!!
Since the days of the 1960's the music of your family has been one of my favorite blend of sound. For all that your talent has done to create "the sound" that is unmistakably The Bee Gees, I thank you for all those wonderful hits that you made and allowed other talents to shine through your generosity of songwriting including Tavares (More Than a Woman). Andy and Maurice left us so soon, that *we all did Not get a chance to express the appreciation that your love as brothers and talents as a group has meant to your many fans. Through the cloudy days as well as the brighter days ahead, just remember that you have fans who will continue to Wish You Well!!


He is so beautiful, I am so sorry to hear of this. My thoughts are with him and his family...