Michelle Duggar on Having 20 Kids: Not For Everyone!

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Michelle Duggar, who is pregnant with her 20th child, has made the understatement of all time, saying having that many kids probably isn't for everyone.

Ya think?

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With 18 of her 19 kids still at home, one on the way and two grandchildren, how does Michelle get any rest? "I am taking a power nap every day," she says.

"And I'm eating a lot of protein and green vegetables and no caffeine, which is a new thing for me," says the 45-year old star of 19 Kids and Counting.

Michelle and husband Jim Bob Duggar, 46, were believed to have stopped their baby making ways after daughter Josie's life-threatening preeclampsia.

Not the case.

"I read up a lot on preeclampsia [while pregnant with Josie]," says Michelle, "It is a crazy, random thing. I have been getting counseled from a high-risk pregnancy doctor in Little Rock and taking good care of myself."

The family's frightening journey with Josie - born at only 25 weeks and weighing just over a pound in 2009 - was documented on 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggars having 20 kids:


correction: they say they don't have TV's. sorry


Why would this family in Ark have any impact on the planet?! They take care of their own . Not on welfare. Would I have 20 children, no, but that's me. They want 20 children it's their business.


Mrs. D really seems like a loving mother and gives each child all her heart and special attention...amazing. She seems happy & exuberant, despite the unreasonable demands and her never-ending Obstetrics Olympics. That is simply an athletic feat to have that many children. But, those kids are lucky to have such a kind, caring, stable (and fertile!) mother like her.


Goofy religious beliefs aside, the Duggars are populating the planet with well-behaved, literate, respectable, hard-working, conscientious children. Good for them! No ADD or autism in this brood! Kudos to Michelle for maintaining sanity and order in what has to be near-chaos at times. And yeah, Jim Bob is a vain, clueless goofball, but things could be worse. They could be like their critics: shirtless, illiterate, chain-smoking trailer trash who scream and cuss at their kids, then wonder why the kids turn out stupid and worthless, just like them.


CONGRATS DUGGARS!!!! Hope its another girl. Even things out. ten boys, ten girls.


I'm confused about how I feel about this. I mean God did said say be fruitful and multiply but golly did she ever get a chance to live a life. They've been married for 20 something years and she has been pregnant or getting over pregnancy for her whole adult life. How much could she have lived. And I think she's an idiot to get pregnant that many times. That ugly Jim Bob character knows maybe if she gets a chance to experience what the world has to offer her she realize he isn’t shit and would leave him. It’s not like he's the one that has to carry 20 babies, go through 20 labors, and get over 20 pregnancies. If this is what it takes to stay married them dam hicks can have it. The whole thought of it makes my stomach turn. Well I guess I’m not that confused.


at least she isnt like kate+8. Jimbob is the one i dont like.


Kate (Plus Eight) is not looking so wacky.

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