Melanie Amaro: The Next Adele?

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Melanie Amaro has forced many comparisons on The X Factor.

Over the last few weeks, our favorite contestant has covered Beyonce and paid tribute to Michael Jackson. Last night, Amaro performance a R.E.M. ballad, "Everybody Hurts," prompting Simon Cowell to compare her to a pair of other mega stars.

"That reminded me of Adele and Alica Keys," Melanie's mentor told her. Is the praise too strong at this point in the competition? Or is it spot on? Listen to the finalist's latest below:

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She is a great singer but is as fake as they come. She keeps changing her accent and is acting too much like a diva. I think Chris is the best and is such a great example for young troubled kids but also just anyone looking for how life can turn around. If he doesn't win, he will be more successful than Melanie any day of the week. He is original, she is just a copy cat singer.


Melanie Amaro is absolutely Amazing & I truly believe is the best singer, not only in this competition but in America. I will be disappointed if she does not win this competition. Her & Josh by far are so superior than the others on X~Factor. With Melanie's humility & the hardships she has endured, she is the kind of superstar that can be a inspirational role model in the true sense of the word. And most of all she knowns God is what grounds her. You have my support !


Melanie Amaro has the best voice and truly has the
X-Factor. Rachel Crow is another great singer but she is young and will make it no matter what in time. Sad to see how the last two in the bottom faced the possible loss. Seemed like Astro sort of fed off of Stacy in the beginning but just lost it in the end. Both should have gone home. Josh and Leroy are great also but Melanie is hard to beat. Simon lucked out this year. L A needs to stop trying to use reversed psyche to win by criticizing the performers. Drew can go home. Crow


Joan , you must have a problem hearing, stacy sings off key, its very noticeable, her vibrato wavers too much, it is unsettling, she is too emotional, stacy has great ability, she simply has not practiced enough to be a national star, it is up to stacy to improve.. as of right now,, she has no future, until she gets on KEY...


Melanie Amaro to win the whole X Factor with Josh Krajcik to take mind is only un-settled at the girls judges house selection by Mr. Cowell. Instead of S.B. and T.T., hind side says that Jazzlyn Little (although unravelled by her nerves) performances were spot on - a world wide star quality voice. I think she would have done extremely well in the competition. I hope that she will comes back next year -


no no no!!!!!! Nobody can compare to adele!!!


Melanie Amaro is truly blessed with a fantastic voice..She has the best vocals by far then any one else on the x factor..and she can sing anything, but why should she have to sing out of her genre?. or any contestant for that matter. What's the point? She is getting song choices that don't bring out her amazing vocal talent and true style..I don't understand why the contestants have to be diversified in their styles..If they are going to make an album it's going to be in the style they were meant to sing..Would you ask Rihanna to make a country album or a rapper to sing more ballads? NO! So let the contestants sing how they sing best..Melanie has the X factor, I wish the powers that be on the show would let her prove it..


shes by far the best vocally talented. my concern is how well will she actually sell? how original will she be? hmm... idk either way shes going places. i personally believe from everything ive read and seen either rachel or astro will win. only half the contestants actually deserve the 5 mil. melanie included.


I think she is the best overall vocalist. Amazing voice and I'm not sure she knows how great she really is.


Melanie, Melanie - want an amazing voice. In my view, no one can touch her talent.