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Melanie Amaro received the most praise from X Factor judges of anyone who auditioned on the first week. Why? Listen and you'll soon understand.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (89 Votes)

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Melanie Amaro - "Don't Fail Me Now"

What do you think of the debut single from Melanie Amaro? It's titled "Don't Fail Me Now."

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial (Ft. Melanie Amaro and Elton John)

Melanie Amaro and Elton John team up in this Super Bowl commercial. In it, The X Factor champion is just looking for a little respect, and a Pepsi.

Melanie Amaro & Elton John - Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Preview (Behind the Scenes)

Behind the scenes of Melanie Amaro & Elton John's 2012 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi!

Melanie Amaro - Listen (X Factor Finals)

Performance of the season for Melanie Amaro? She wowed the judges here with a rendition of "Listen."

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Shes not good singer not good musicion sorry not beautiful too fat sorry.


Not my tipe of music she too fat to by star

@ roji

Wow, and I thought music was about one's voice, not their weight!


Melanie, what has happened to you wasn't by chance, it was already planned by GOD! Girl, you were long as you put GOD first in JESUS'S name, then everything will fall into place...we love you...


Melanie, You were the Best at the beginning and You still are the Best after Winning my family and I did not miss one episode of the X Factor because of You we knew You were the winner from the start You go Girl! You deserve everything that is coming to You and You earned that for Yourself May God continue blessing You!


Listening to the other competitors after Melanie Amaro is pretty sad , but I must admit you have to be pretty brave to stand up on the same stage as Melanie Amaro knowing you have little chance to none with this power house of a voice!


Melanie should be the winner. She is talented to sing just about anything. I am worried that her song choices should be more modern pop. Its up to the public now, so VOTE FOR MELANIE!!


Gooooo Melanie wow when she sings it touches your heart and thats what makes a good singer not only sounding good.


You got to give credit, when credit is due and she got good credit,i almost thought SIMON forgot talent when he hears yet....thaat girl can saang!!


Super talented and an amazing performance! Go, Mel!


She sang her heart out. That was the best performance so far. I recorded that episode and I watch her performance several times and it makes me cry everytime.:)

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