Lawyer for Mariah Yeater Calls Out Alleged Baby Daddy

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The Justin Bieber baby drama carousel continues to spin around and around and around...

A day after Robbie Powell claimed to be the father of Mariah Yeater's baby - even volunteering to take his own DNA test as proof - one of Yeater's attorneys has spoken out and accused the young man of being a hypocrite for alleging his client is merely after attention and money.

"If Robbie Powell actually believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly," Jeffrey Leving tells TMZ. "Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah's legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it."

That's true...and ironic, considering Leving made the statement to the media.

Bieber, to his credit, has remained above the fathering fray. He's issued a couple basic denials, agreed to a paternity test and is now just spending his time spreading holiday cheer via music. Visit the singer's video section to watch his latest performances!

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i wish i cud be Selena Gomez at least for one day :(


i wish i cud be Selena Gomex at least for one day :(


just give them the dna and all this would end the problem is her lawyers no she is a liar and are not ready for justin's lawyers to hit them yet


HEY LAWYER Wake up and smell the coffie. You call the ex boy friend a media whore. Look what your clint did went put a purinty suit went to a maginze and did a interview now who the media whore now!!! think about that


The lawyer claiming that the robbie is a gold digger. Oh wait what was she trying to get money now who the real gold digger. May that text from her friend got him to thinking and he came to his mind and say may it my child. She wants bieber to do a DNA test but her other lawyer she fire was their smell like a duck is duck.


I think that both robbie and Mariah are gold diggers i love you justin bieber


Shut up and remember the baby POOR CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@dachseb there is proof that Robbie denied the child at first. Let's go way back to the first time this story started. TMZ did a report were yeater confronted Robbie and told him the kid is his but he denied it saying "I never even slept with you". Its all recorded in TMZ. Go check it out!!!!!


They should have all the guys that she accused and the one that noone knew about. Have them all line up and just go down the line swabbing the cheeks and properly marking the tubes or package whatever they put the swabs in then do the swabbing of Trystin, but first make sure there is no more guys that are going to come out claiming to be Trystin's father.


Ther is no record of Robbie denying the kid as being his, even if you read yeaters text messages she said "please tell Robbie how important it is to be in his son's life" the response from the friend was "I am Mariah believe me I am"...she is not telling him to convince Robbie that he's the father as if Robbie were denying it..she is speaking as if Robbie and their friends know Robbie is the was another guy John Terranova, she named, he denied having sex with her at that time she bopped him and was charged...