Robbie Powell: I Am Mariah Yeater's Baby Daddy!

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Robbie Powell is as sick of this Justin Bieber baby drama as we are, and the ex-boyfriend of Mariah Yeater plans on putting an end to it.

Powell - the young man who Yeater allegedly identified as the father of her son in a series of text messages a few weeks ago - reportedly wants to take a DNA test of his own, sources confirm to TMZ. He's sick of Yeater using their son as a money-grabbing prop.

Mariah Yeater Photo

Dear Mariah Yeater: Go far, far away.

Bieber, of course, has already taken a DNA test of his own... but Yeater's lawyer is insisting on yet another one because he claims the initial procedure was not properly supervised.

Perhaps if Powell - who claims Yeater admitted to him she conjured up the Bieber because she's desperate for money - goes through with his test, this story can finally be refuted and we can all move on. There is a very young boy at the center of it, after all. Let's not forget that.

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of course justin isnt the father
he doesn't have a dick :)


U mariah yeater i wanna kill u ... Wat d hell r u blaming on justin bieber.... Anyways i luv u justin ...


GOD MARIAH!! what a jerk its robbies son not fin JBS :(


Leave the girl alone!! She may be stupid embarrsed etc! But she doesn't have to be attacked by them childish beiber fans!! Everyone loves a little attention! LOL .....:)


her face was destroyed .. I'm not sure jb want to approach it ((Mariah yeater)) ..


Ok now this mariah should be im jail shes Nuts and what i say i mean...ugh


Maury Povitz to Justin Beiber, You are NOT the father!


She's uneducated and has no job or money. She probably doesn't even know a Bieber song. Keep your legs closed honey.


Yuuup I'm a Justin hater fan, this is soo mess up.
too much drama...ftw.


Just few words to describe this Mariah Shiter: big and stupid shegoat!

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