Kris Humphries: Angry, Sad and Shocked

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Forget about Kim Kardashian for a moment. Or for a lifetime, many are urging.

What is going on with Kris Humphries these days? How does he feel about the Divorce Heard Around the World? OK! Weekly claims to have the answer.

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“He really thought she just gave up too quickly and didn’t even try,” an insider tells the tabloid. “It came out of nowhere — he really didn’t see the divorce coming. He’s angry and also very sad.”

Things have been "painful" for Humphries, this source adds. Heck, he doesn't even have a job these days because there's no end in sight to the NBA lockout.

“He feels like no one cares what he has to say or wants to hear his side of the story because Kim is a bigger celebrity,” says the friend. “People care more about her.”

And in related news, the sky is blue and Lindsay Lohan has had a few problems with the law.


kris was the one in the car who said to his friend im ready to get a divorce on kim and kourtney take new york. its no ones faut so stop blaming kim and kris they just werent right for eachother


I know there are two sides to every story but Kris cannot hide from the public that he did treat kim k like crap, just watch the shows how much more proof does anyone need, he made her mad on purpose by leaving his things all over and not picking up for himself, generally he is very arrogant and deserves to be humbled, he does not think before he talks and makes everything his business, like bugging the crap out of jonathon about his lifestyle, and kept it up, how disrespectful, the proof was in the shows, how much more proof does anyone need! taped for all the world to see, I'm just glad she didn't have a child with this control freak, that would have been a mess down the road, he thinks he's hot and funny but he's not, for starters he should learn some manners.


Kris is a bully/comtrol freak. Kim did the right thing by getting out when she did. Anybody who haa ever walked in her shoes, such as i have, knows that that kind of treatment adventually turna phyaical. I would think the public would support a woman for wanting to get out of an abusive relationship. But it seams quite a few people, in my opinion, are just plain jealous of the kardashians. Remember it waa kria who proposed not kim. I guess people will blame that on kim. I guess him signing the prenup waa bwyond his control.


Kim is very nice if u get close to her u hated pls leave her to rest


The Kardashian 's have no morals, money seem to be everything to them. Though there might be no perfect marriage but we can perfectly work toward a workable union. The anger is coming because most people feel Kim never gave her marriage the necessary ingredient it requires. For Godsake what the hell was she doing with the 'nude yoga' instructor?- an abominationt that causes desolation. This whole divorce issue is premeditated. Kim be wise. You are never gonna be a good wife, once married at a young age you kissed goodbye now married to a young man you broke his heart. It is not about the divorce its about the motive behind the marriage.


It's about freaking time America realize the kkk were milking everybody. First of all m not hating on them ,I've watch the show several time what pisses me off is how the family only care about money and the husbands have no saying to keep it short pussy whip .The funny thing is that these birds got fame and success of their money . I dint care what anybody say Chris stood up and break his silence like a man suppose to however the family didn't like that . That's the truth about this whole shit . F the kk she needs to go back and make another sex tape to see where her career is now going


How amusing that all the kardashian haters that want the show to be taken off the air have been watching every single episode!!! Too funny !! Maybe you people who are bashing Kim and her family should turn the channel if you hate them so much. I don't think that Kim knowing how mean and hateful you people are would have staged this marriage and divorce. Kris is a very immature and selfish person and knew what marriage to KK would be like. He has gained publicity and stardom through this union and has made money through sponsorships that his relationship to Kim has helped his fame. So if you hate them so much, turn the channel !!!


Kris is much better off without KK He is too down to earth and "normal" for her. I would have loved to have someone like Kris in my Life. Your special and perfect someone is out there Kris, and her name is NOT Kim Kardashian.


I really enjoy d kuwtk show back in Nigeria,i suggest she learns from kendra basket


Kim is a whore, shes all about the money so is her mother, shes not talented there are way better looking girls out there with talents, why she is on tv i dont know. Maybe you guys should stop kissing her ass too, and get a life

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